What does Wanda Maximoff have to do with Michelle Tanner?

Nothing if Elizabeth Olsen has something to say about it.

Full house fans first knew Elizabeth as the little sister of TV favorites Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsenwho got her breakout role as Michelle on the ABC sitcom in 1987.

Although her last name might ring some bells for fans of the Tanner family, Elizabeth was eager to set up on her own.

In a new interview with Grazia magazine, the Marvel star admitted that nepotism may have played a role in her Hollywood success.

“Nepotism is one thing and I am very aware of it,” she said to the point of sale where her mother is standing Jarnett Olsen was a ballerina while her sisters founded the fashion label The Row in 2006.

Still, in her interview, Elizabeth insisted that she not try to take advantage of her sisters’ fame. She said, “And of course I always wanted to do it alone.”