If you have one of three different models of Ellipsis jetpack hotspot – the same jetpack hotspot you bought from Verizon to give nearby devices access to 4G connectivity – you no longer want to use it. Verizon is recalling approximately 2.5 million of these hotspots over concerns about their lithium-ion batteries could overheat and start a fire (or give you a decent fire).

The three models in question are the Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L, MHS900LS, and MHS900LPP. If you have one, you’ll want to take it follow the steps below before sending it back to Verizon:

“If your device is turned off, please turn it on so that the affected Ellipsis Jetpack devices can receive the wireless automatic software updates that do the following:

  1. Show the device’s ID number (IMEI) on the scrolling screen for easy replacement
  2. Prevent the device from charging while it is connected and turned on.

You will know that the software update has been applied when the ID number (IMEI) is displayed on the device’s screen.

  • After applying the software update, users should leave the device turned on while it is connected.
  • When not in use, the device should be switched off, disconnected from the mains and stored in a safe place until you receive the packaging in order to safely return the Ellipsis Jetpack. “

This IMEI number is vital as it will kick off the callback process with Verizon when you either call or visit 855-205-2627 www.EllipsisJetpackRecall.expertinquiry.com to get started. As part of the recall, you will receive a free hotspot to replace the dangerous Ellipsis Jetpacks. You should also receive a free return envelope to return your jetpack to Verizon for disposal.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission notice, Verizon has processed about 15 reports of jetpack overheating, including six reports of fire damage and two burns. That’s a pretty low number considering the number of Ellipsis jetpacks out there, but that’s not something you want to delay if you own one. Initiating the callback on your end couldn’t be easier. Don’t postpone it or you will forget.

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