Heather Martin, is that you?

While fans didn’t hear her say a word during the March 1 episode of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, the square-eyed viewers were convinced that the season 25 contestant was still recording.

As social media experts pointed out, Heather appeared to be sitting in the back row next to it Kit Keenan. But because there wasn’t a close-up of Heather or a broadcast interview with her, many members of Bachelor Nation didn’t even know she was there. Some Twitter users even accused ABC of cutting them out of the episode.

“@BachelorABC, why are you acting like we can’t see Heather sitting next to Kit?!?!” asked a follower. “Why was she invited and then why was she cut ?!”

Tweeted another, “Did ABC really think they could sneak in Heather without us noticing?”

While the answer remains a mystery, it’s possible Heather only joined the women for part of the episode. After all, her time this season has been short.