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At this point, most of the fast food chains have jumped into the free food game. They included certain free menu items in your order when purchasing something else. Occasionally, you get really lucky and it is a situation that does not require a purchase.

Some chains – like Krispy KremeFor example – are pretty consistent with their food promotions. They usually involve buying a dozen donuts and then getting a dozen of their original glazed donuts either for free or at a discount.

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But there are also chains like McDonald’s that offer a wide variety of free groceries and other promotions (if the food is ordered through their app). At this moment it is Golden Arches has offers If you go you can get a free crispy chicken sandwich or medium order of friesplus large fries for $ 1 and any size of their hot or iced coffee for 99 cents.

Wendy’s also has a changing list of free food and board offers. Most of all, Wendy likes to give away free chicken nuggets. Sometimes they are spicy; sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are completely free with no other purchase required. Sometimes you need to spend a certain amount of money on other groceries before you can add the free nuggs to your order.

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Trust Us: If you’ve been monitoring giveaways and grocery deals for as long as we have, you’ll see patterns. And that’s why the current promotion stands out: Unlike the usual four-part order of free chicken nuggets – and even if we’re really lucky and they give us a six-part – this time we get 10 – count ’em –10 free chicken nuggets to win. Here’s what to know.

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How to get free chicken nuggets at Wendy’s

To get your hands on this free 10-part product, purchase it through the Wendy’s app by Sunday, March 14th. While ordering, tap the “Deals” tab at the bottom right of the screen and add the nuggs to your order.

This offer does not apply to delivery orders received in a location other than the Wendy app. Unlike some other offers, you cannot use this offer once a day for the duration of the promotion: once you have received your free 10-part offers, it is for your account.