UNT Ready to peel off Peelable base coat | $ 12 | Amazon

If you’ve ever made the mistake of applying glitter nail polish, you know that it basically takes an exorcism to remove that last bit of shine when you’re tired of it.

Sure, you have the option of dipping your nails in acetone to remove everything – but that personally leaves me with red, itchy hands. And even if it doesn’t bother your skin, the acetone will remove natural oils from your nails. If you are done with harmful acetone too, then you need to give one Peel off basecoat one try.

There’s no better way to start than that UNT Ready to peel off Peelable base coat, just now $ 12 at Amazon. This iconic favorite base coat (which used to be a favorite of the popular nail art YouTubers Simply nail logic before creating her own peel-off basecoat) makes removing your nail polish so easy you won’t want to go back.

When you’re done with your manicure and ready for a new look, just dab some of your favorite skin oil (I use jojoba) around your cuticles, then peel it off. It’s especially satisfying to see the polish come off all at once!

Grab it while the price is good.

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