Because of this, Jill is the “all bad ass rock star” in Lily’s latest book. She traveled the world with her mother and credits her in Unfiltered for not only being there for her, but exposing her and her friends to “people from all walks of life” to encourage them to step outside of our comfort zones and experiences Unknown.”

They were so close, she explained, that she felt both overly excited about starting her own business and a little guilty for leaving her mother (though Lily only walked as far as the street when she first moved out ). But at the end of each day, Lily wrote, “She is my best friend, inspiration, role model, confidante and partner in crime.”

Meanwhile, her father “may still be alive, but most of the time it felt like he was gone completely,” she wrote. Lily remembers constantly worrying about meeting his expectations and longing for approval that he couldn’t give. Not being able to tell him how she was feeling only made her angry, and she says it took her about a decade to find the courage to speak up.

Not that a single big conversation solved everything (fathers are not always the best listeners, she notes), and Lily wrote in a letter to her father that was included in the essay about him in the book: “I forgive the mistakes, that you’ve made. And although it looks like it’s too late, it isn’t. There is so much time left to move forward. And I want to. I invite you to join me. “

So the situation was far more complicated than Lily had been willing to share five years earlier.