The fashion duo told E! Post-presidential inauguration news in 2021: “We felt like she was going to get some attention because she had a very specific look, a very specific charisma and would stand out, whether she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a neon -Ball dress wears. “

They turned out to be quite clairvoyant in predicting Ella’s success in the fashion world, saying, “Her talent and creativity have no limits. In the short time we’ve known, it’s a disservice to the world for her not all to show what she’s capable of including fashion and beyond. “

As Ella put it, “I knew the coat was going to be a hit because I loved it so much and I think that’s all that was really important to me … But I don’t think anyone is expecting the Kerfuffle that he caused on the internet. “”

Your signature is not the only one that appears on the day of inauguration. As announced, poet Amanda Gorman also signed a contract with IMG Models. Gigi even gave the actress a very enthusiastic greeting on her Instagram story and wrote “WERK”, “FAAAAAM” and “MAJOR”.

It seems that the model industry is ready to make the switch.