Double date night!

On Friday March 5th Megan Fox and friend Kelly machine gun hanging out with other musicians and rumors Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun.. The four were spotted together outside the BOA Steakhouse on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California, where Avril, 36, and Mod Sun, 33) first sparked romantic rumors last month. The two, all masked, held hands and came and went in separate cars. Megan (34) and Kelly (30) also took photos and talked to fans in front of the restaurant.

Later that evening, the group headed down the boulevard to the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Mod Sun posted a video of the four sitting at a table on the terrace on his Instagram Stories.

“We’re in the rainbow room and ‘Flames’ just showed up,” he said, sitting next to Avril, both in masks. He added, laughing, “And I’m with my beast and I’m with my beast.” Mod Sun then turned his cell phone to Megan and Kelly, who were unmasked sitting next to them. Avril reposted the video on her own Instagram story.

Kelly and Megan sparked romantic rumors in May 2020. The following June, their relationship went public. The Transformers actress and husband Brian Austin Green, with whom she shares three sons, had tacitly separated a few months earlier after 10 years of marriage. Megan filed for divorce from Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, last November.