E! News reached out to CBS for a comment on her departure and has received no response.

A few insta slides later, Leslie shared a video of herself smoking a vape pen and saying, “Do you all catch my draft or not”, even though it wasn’t an answer to any specific question.

In addition, Leslie hinted on Sunday that her exit was not related to any illness. When fans theorized about the cause of her rough voice, one asked, “Was it a cold?” The native Texas native replied, “I lost it because I yelled at and hyped everyone during the slippery races [game]. “Another asked again how she lost her voice and she said she was just” really excited lol, lots of yelling and I honestly never stop talking soooo. ”

She also confessed that she is not angry with the other islanders. When one fan said they expected juicier responses, she admitted that it might have looked like “I’m a drama” but “that’s just not my vibe”. As she explained, “It may look wrong, but I’ve honestly had the time of my life and have no ill will towards any single person in the mansion. No need to run around to make anyone’s life difficult, all is love here , Infant.”

The social media influencer added that she “never fought with other islanders” Shannon St. Claire and has “GREAT respect and love for her.”

Love Island USA airs almost every night at 9 p.m. on CBS, with additional moments on Paramount +.