The plan was to eat tomatoes and mozze, only this time with baby Elvis, who was rocking nearby when the house was ready.

When Nick got to the hospital, Amanda instead stayed with Elvis at Zach Braff’s guest house, where they had stayed during the renovations. Eventually her brother and sister joined them.

“She’s a motivational speaker, so she got into the tough crisis management mode,” Zach said in late April 2020 to The Hollywood Reporter about Amanda. “If you look at her Instagram, she tells stories about him and she motivates other people – she is literally trying to motivate other people.”

There was “an uninterrupted stream of people,” said the Scrubs star. “And [Nick] was on Rock of Ages, the show they were doing out here, and his Rock of Ages cast literally take turns taking the baby on stroller walks. “

On May 8th, she shared the last photo of her family of three, taken before he was hospitalized on March 30th and then intubated on April 1st. He was in a coma and had suffered a number of problems, including two minor strokes and circulatory problems that resulted in his right leg being amputated.

“I ask God for a miracle and my father reminded me that God answers my prayer every day because he is still with us! Nick is a fighter and has not given up, ”she wrote. “His doctors and nurses were really amazing.”