If you would say Kelly machine gun has to get his hair under control, that would be a bleak lie.

The 31-year-old rapper posted a photo on social media on Tuesday, August 10th, revealing that he had recently shaved off all of his signature blonde locks. This is quite an impersonation as his Instagram bio is simply “The Blonde Don”.

This picture featured a prominent tattoo on his head, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

His social media post was part of an effort to promote his music video for the first single on his upcoming album Born With Horns. The video directed by Cole Bennett, falls on Wednesday, August 11th, and MGK titled his post: “I shaved my head for these @_ColeBennett_ ‘paper cuts’ tomorrow 9pm.”

Even so, his fans seemed skeptical that the hairstyle change was real, and one fan wrote, “Don’t lie, we know it’s a bald head.”