Prepare your Kleenex because this is a tear sac.

Social media users have been discussing for years Mandy Patinkin‘s role as Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. His now iconic character was a man with a mustache who was desperate to avenge his father’s death. In the film he finally faces the murderer (Christopher Gast) and challenges the man to a duel. But as he prepares for the final blow, the man begs for his life and offers him anything he wants in exchange for mercy. In response, Mandy delivers the line: “I want my father back, you son of a bitch.”

TikTok users Amanda Webb reviewed this scene in a video and explained how her father’s death last March changed her view of the character. “I saw a rumor on the internet that when Mandy Patinkin said this line he was thinking of his own father who died of cancer,” she explained tearfully, “and it was a very raw emotion.”

She continued, “It’s kind of stuck with me ever since … Because it means so much more to me now than ever before.”