Regarding the recent editorial from The Day, “A Special Session Should Include Funding Watchdogs,” we could no longer agree, so we proposed changing the budgetary executor to restore funding to the State Contracting Standards Board. The reason for the change was the excellent work of the Board of Directors to uncover issues related to the Dillon Stadium and the Port Authority.

We are all of the opinion that adequate funding for this body would save tax money in the long term and lead to more transparency in government contracts. With the ongoing controversy surrounding the Port Authority and the State Pier project, it makes perfect sense to have a reliable watchdog overseeing all contracts related to its construction. Unfortunately, our amendment failed by a narrow margin (69-71) because too many Democrats preferred Governor Lamont’s debt relief to transparency and ethics. The Senate also approved the implementer, with all Democrats present voting in favor.

With much of the state, especially in southeast Connecticut, craving transparency, it is unfortunate that the majority of Democrats have rejected our common sense efforts. We look forward to continuing this conversation and hope that the State Contracting Standards Board can soon function properly with the necessary resources.

Rep Devin Carney

Rep. Holly Cheeseman

Presenter Kathleen McCarty

Representative Mike France

Rep. Greg Howard