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Sure, you might wish you had thousands of dollars to modernize your living room to include a new – massive – TV (plus surround sound), new built-in lighting, a large leather section to relax in, and a handcrafted coffee table from yours Favorite local craftsman. That sounds good. However, if your budget is significantly lower, you can still make some changes and add some additions that will give the room an updated feel.

Start with a little indoor green

Plants are an inexpensive and easy way to add color and (literally) life to your living room. And you don’t need to be particularly skilled or experienced in growing and caring for plants. Start by checking out Anyone can grow these easy-care, pet-safe houseplants, or these simple houseplants for beginners; Prepare these sponges to prevent root rot, and let’s go.

(Just don’t forget to clean them occasionally.)

Create a bar for entertainment

If you are looking forward to the days of the indoor meeting again, take your time now and design a living room bar area for parties and meeting places yourself. A small cabinet or Trolley can be tucked away until it’s time to pull out the front and center.

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Look for a few quick fixes

If you have the money on budget for new furniture and are ready to upgrade, do it. However, if you want to add new colors, patterns, or textures without the higher sticker prices, you’ve come to the right place with your throw pillows, carpets, and window treatments. Get a new vase for your side table or new candles for the coffee table. Several small changes in space can do as much as one bigger change.

Move the furniture

One way to make your living room look completely different without spending a dime is to move the furniture. Energize the room by moving the seating so that they face each other to prioritize the conversation. Or create a new eye-catcher, such as a fireplace or a work of art. On Instagram, DIY enthusiasts for DIY enthusiasts reside shows us how to create a canvas image that can be rolled over the TV when not in use.

All you need is one shelf above the TV a square of Canvas or fabric slightly larger than the size of your TV, Fabric color, and some Velcro fastener (Everything you can get for just over $ 40). First, install a floating shelf over the TV to frame it. Then decorate your canvas with paint and fun designs and stick the Velcro on as shown in the video. Attach your artwork to the shelf above the TV, roll it up, and tape it to the Velcro when it’s TV time; roll it back down when the screen goes dark.