RADIO host Larry Elder has insisted that the descendants of slave owners are “owed money” because their “property” was stolen from them at the end of the Civil War.

The 69-year-old Conservative writer told the Candace Owens Show that slavery was legal at the time and owners had their property stolen when it was then abolished.


Larry Elder (pictured) believes descendants of slave owners “owe money”Image credit: AFPA protest calls for redress for descendants of slaves


A protest calls for redress for descendants of slavesPhoto credit: Reuters

He claimed this meant they were entitled to reparations as much as black Americans who were descendants of slaves.

Elder and Owens, both black, discussed reparations and racial relations in the aftermath of their July 18 show when they both claimed that the black community was “playing the sacrifice card.”

Reparations are widely advocated by activists to mitigate the financial impact of slavery on black Americans.

It calls for federal funds and other resources to be allocated to black communities to offset the blockages to economic progress caused by slavery.

However, Elder believes that the introduction of the 13th Amendment, which partially abolished slavery in 1865, also put slave owners in financial trouble.

“When people talk about reparation, do they really want to have this conversation? Like it or not, slavery was legal, ”Elder said.

“Their legal property was taken away from them after the civil war, so it could be argued that the people who are owed reparations are not only blacks, but also those whose ‘property’ was taken away after the civil war ended.”

But according to the New York Times, slave owners in Washington have at least already received reparations under the District of Columbia Emancipation Act signed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862.

She gave those loyal to the Union $ 300 for each freed enslaved person, while the freed slaves themselves received nothing.

Elder’s comments in July began with Owens falsely claiming that the US was among the first countries in the world to abolish the slave trade when, according to Politifact, it was in fact one of the last.

In response, Elder spoke about the United Kingdom, where former slave owners received £ 20 million in compensation from the British Slave Compensation Commission in 1833.

He claimed the funds were the reason Britain did not wage a civil war over slavery.

“If you look at the amount of money that is adjusted for today’s dollars, it’s a lot of money that the former slaveholders got, which is one of the reasons they didn’t go to war,” speculated the host, although there wasn’t any Evidence existed that there would have been a civil war because of slavery in the country.


Elder, who has aired since 1993, is currently running to replace California Governor Gavin Newsom.

His campaign was ravaged by scandal in August after his ex-fiancée Alexandra Datig alleged he verbally and emotionally abused her, including an incident when he allegedly waved a loaded gun to threaten her while high on marijuana .

Alexandra Datig claims she broke off the couple’s 18-month engagement and regrets that she was forced to be branded with a “Larry’s Girl” tattoo.

Elder rejects the allegations and remains the front runner among the replacement candidates.

The subject of reparations has been debated in America for more than a century.

In 1865, William Sherman, a general in the Union Army during the Civil War, ordered that land confiscated from Confederate landowners be divided into parts and distributed to newly emancipated African Americans.

However, following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the order was overturned by his successor, President Andrew Johnson.


Discussions about whether and how the government should pay reparations to the descendants of slaves, however, remained unsuccessful.

In April, the US House of Representatives (HJC) Judiciary Committee approved a bill that should establish a program to investigate how and if reparations could be made to black citizens to atone for the country’s slave trade.

In February, the White House announced that President Joe Biden would support the study of reparation for slavery – but later failed to confirm whether he would sign the HJC bill.

In July, a Massachusetts hamlet overwhelmingly voted to set up a $ 210,000 fund to pay reparations to its black residents to atone for slavery.

Elder appeared on The Candace Owens show (pictured)


Elder appeared on The Candace Owens show (pictured)Photo credit: Candace Owens ShowElder (pictured) had just announced his governorship


Elder (pictured) had just announced his governorshipPhoto credit: Candace Owens Show

Other cities and towns in the United States weighed similar measures over the past year.

In March, Evanston, Illinois became the first city in the United States to begin paying reparations for slavery, pledging $ 10 million in cash.

In July, officials in Asheville, North Carolina approved a budget agreement that includes $ 2.1 million to fund reparations.

Billionaire Robert Johnson calls on the government to pay $ 14 trillion in reparations to black Americans as an excuse for slavery, Jim Crow and racism.

The 75-year-old, the nation’s first black billionaire, told Vice News that he believes the enormous sum would help correct the injustices of the nation’s past while reducing racial inequality.

He also believes high-income black Americans like him, Oprah, and LeBron James shouldn’t be exempt from the funds.

America’s First Black Billionaire Calls For $ 14 Trillion In Compensation For Slavery

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