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For a first-gen Apple product, the new MacBooks featuring the company’s own custom chipset reviewed surprisingly well, even from our friends at Gizmodo. And now, the M1-equipped 13″ MacBook Pro is discounted $149 off the list price for the larger-capacity 512GB SSD model, currently $1,350. The full savings show up at checkout.

Don’t need as much space? The 256GB base model is $99 off the list price right now at $1,200. Here’s what Gizmodo’s Joanna Nelius had to say in her review of the powerful new MacBook Pro:

I do all my work and play on PC, but Apple’s M1 processor has me wondering if I really need a Windows PC for my next laptop. This is the first time in all my years of computing—ever since my dad sat me in front of a keyboard as a toddler—that I’ve ever considered getting a Mac.

G/O Media may get a commission

G/O Media may get a commission

While we’re home waiting for our turn to get a jab, it might be fun for your brain to learn something new. For a short time, you can grab a Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle for only $60. And what do you gain with this bundle you ask? Well, a bunch of shit including JavaScript, SwiftUI Apps, a complete C# programming course, Python, Raspberry Pi, HTML, CSS, and 20 other complete courses you’d want to be a professional coder.

I personally don’t know much about coding besides the skills needed to make the most popping MySpace profile of 2008, however, coding is a great skill to have in your pocket, especially in the current (and sucky) job market. Plus, just of these courses would be about $100 by itself and you’re getting 27 courses with 2,700 lessons for $60, which is about 98% off so quite honestly you’re getting a huge deal. Invest in your future or something and grab it while it’s hot!

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I don’t know about you guys, but I often forget to plug in my (somewhat ancient) iPhone 8 Plus almost every other night, despite the cord being right on my nightstand. I’m sure there are a couple of folks who do the same thing, and I’m here to tell you we don’t have to suffer anymore.

The Anker PowerWave Charging Pad has come through at a low price of $8.50 until April 7 using the promo code ANKER2503, so you can charge both iPhones and Androids at a pretty good speed. The best part is that you don’t have to take off your phone case to get a good charge—it can deliver power with cases up to 5mm thick, so don’t worry about your phone mysteriously falling and breaking its back on the cold, hard floor.

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Back in March when lockdown started, I remember the day I had to vacate my office. We were told that someone in the building had tested positive for COVID-19 and were rushed out. I quickly threw everything on my desk into a tote bag and hurried out of the building. I think about the concept of an easy office “go bag” a lot nowadays. Having video on various SD cards or writing on a bunch of notebooks seemed fine until I was forced to move it all suddenly, making me reckon with how disorganized all my systems were. External hard drives are naturally a good solution to that, providing an easy way to store and move all of your work in a pinch. Best Buy currently has a 4TB WD Easystore external drive on sale for $85, which offers quite a ton of portable space. Considering how much work I’ll need to move from my home computer back to an office eventually, that might be the only “go-back bag” essential I need.

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It took Samsung a long time to shed its reputation for essentially copying Apple’s iPhones, but in recent years, the tech giant has become known more for boundary-pushing innovation. That said, when the original Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone—which opens up to reveal a large, tablet-sized screen within—was first launched, it was widely ridiculed. And when it was delayed after review units broke, well, that didn’t help.

Luckily, Samsung gave it another go, and last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G has seen much better reviews than the original. The outer screen is much larger and more useful now, the whole thing feels more durable, and there’s no weird super-sized notch on the inner screen. It’s a true powerhouse of a smartphone at a truly wallet-decimating price of $2,000. Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford wrote in his review:

“For anyone who has dreamed about tech that allows phones to do more, the Z Fold 2 is a pioneer of the post-phone era. The Z Fold 2 offers an experience unlike anything else on the market, so while that price might not make any logical sense, somehow it’s still not completely outlandish.”

If you’ve been waiting for a deal to ease that eye-popping price, Amazon has one: it’s currently $200 off in either Mystic Bronze or Mystic Black. That’s still $1,800 for a smartphone, which puts it well outside the reasonable range for most buyers, but if you can’t fight the FOMO… hey, 10% off is something.

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G/O Media may get a commission

I’m a huge fan of Aukey. If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you know they’ve really come through for me. And you guessed it; their Wireless Charger Stand is another product I love and rely on. It’s 30% and just the accessory you were missing. Just clip the coupon and the discount shows at checkout.

You can charge up to two devices at once with this stand, which is incredibly efficient and convenient. A variety of phones are compatible, well, pretty much all of them. Plus, you can even charge earbud and AirPods cases on this. It’s been tried and tested for safety, so you don’t need to worry about any short circuits or overheating. You can prop it up in landscape or portrait depending on need. Obviously, it also works as just a stand for hands-free calls, FaceTime, or even to watch your favorite YouTube show. The best thing is if you are like me and have a very sturdy case on your phone, this stand is powerful enough to charge right through it. That means no fumbling to get it on and off. However, magnetic and metallic objects will be a barrier to charging. In this pack, you’ll get the dock, a manual, a 1.2M USB-A to C Cable, and as always, with Aukey, a 24-month warranty.

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

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Are you the friend constantly asking if anyone has a charger? Or pre-pandemic, were you asking bartenders if you could plug your phone in somewhere? Don’t be that person; there’s a better way. Solve the problem by grabbing these two Power Banks for $18.

I’ve had Mophie products before and really like them. This two-pack is of great value, so whether it’s you who needs these or a friend, no one should be without power again. I personally like to have one at all times, so having two means I can swap out each day. Have one charging while the other is out and about with me. You can charge up with a lightning cable via the USB-C port. You’ll get up to twenty-nine hours of extra power while you’re on the go. You can juice up a phone and/or a tablet or wireless headphones simultaneously if need be. This pack comes with two guide books, so the recipient won’t be without a manual if you are gifting one. This comes in four colors: pink, navy, black, and grey.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

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In his roundup of the best VPNs at Gizmodo, Andrew Couts called NordVPN “fast and easy to use,” citing accessibility and affordability as reasons to subscribe. Though it’s almost always marked down from its $287 list price, the 2-year plan is nonetheless the cheapest option to get started with the service and continue using it long-term.

In honor of Easter though, it’s not only 68% off right now, bringing your total to just $89 for 730 days, but it also comes with an extra 1-month or 1-year extension, randomly applied by the Nordic gods at checkout for new customers.

Couts says in his abbreviated review:

No matter what you pay, you’ll get access to more than 5,400 servers in more than 60 countries, a bunch of features you may or may not want, and, because the company is based in Panama, assurances that your data—or lack of data, as the case may be—is outside of U.S. and European jurisdictions. Like every other VPN on this list, NordVPN claims to have a “strict no-logs policy,” so most of your data isn’t collected, the company says. It does still collect your email address, payment information, and the timestamp of the last time you launched the VPN.

But NordVPN isn’t without its downsides. “…some researchers have found that it sends your email address and Google Ad ID to a marketing company when you register through the Android app and contains some trackers,” Couts explained. “Another downside is that some of NordVPN’s servers are rented, which means another company you need to trust is in the mix. And yes, one of those servers got hacked in 2018.”

Still, if you want one of the most reliable VPN clients, with the budget to support its robust infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with NordVPN. Plus, with availability on virtually every platform imaginable—from macOS to Android TV—this private networking tool is equal parts ubiquitous and acclaimed. Endorsed by PCMag, Wired, CNET, Business Insider, and more, it may be time to board the Nord train if you’re somehow unwedded to a VPN already. And hey, free bonus time is free bonus time, whether it’s a month or a year.

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With vaccines ramping up and everyone getting in line to receive their jab, travel will absolutely be on everyone’s minds. Wouldn’t you like to brush up on a foreign language before you jet off to Paris, Barcelona, or the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam? Luckily for you, Stack Social is running a major deal right now and guaranteeing 60% off their lifetime subscription to Babbel, bringing the price down to $199.

If you don’t know what Babbel is, it’s a language learning app that breaks down classes into bits and pieces so you can retain Spanish, Portuguese, French, or whatever language you’re interested in on the go! I’ve personally tested it out, and one of the perks of Babbel opposed to their competitor, Duo Lingo, is that you’ll be able to talk with a group of other language students! And everyone knows the best way to retain a language is to speak it semi-regularly. With an original list price of $499, you’re honestly saving on so much in order to learn something that can benefit you for the rest of your life. What are you waiting for?

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If you’ve had your eye on the Beats Solo Pro headphones, today is your lucky day. The full retail on these babies is $300, but Woot is currently offering them for just $145 in light blue, with other color options ranging between $150 to $160 each. Woot has free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers, too.

Of course, these have all hovered a good chunk lower than full retail for a while now, but this is still $60-70 less than we have often seen ‘em in stock in recent months elsewhere. Now is your chance to listen to your music and podcasts in style and with active noise canceling for a better price—don’t miss it!

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Beats Solo Pro

As I’ve been testing a myriad of products from Aukey, one thing is certain; each is great quality for the price. Don’t be a fool and miss this deal today. Treat yourself and save 45% on these True Wireless Sport Earbuds with the clipped coupon.

As with most of these secure fit earbuds, they’re built for a fast-paced life. These were made for the gym, hikes, runs, the court, and anything else for those adventurers with an active lifestyle. I’ve found ear-hooks are an acquired taste, but they definitely ensure everything stays where it needs to. And these are obviously waterproof to protect against sweat. Great bass and full sound given their size. Expect around thirty-five hours of playtime with the case, so you’ll get just about seven hours off of a single charge. A great value for a set of earbuds to take on the road with you.

These will ship free for Prime members.

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You’ll never see it coming! Okay, actually you probably saw it coming. Now that it’s been over a month since the launch of Persona 5 Strikers, the price is starting to drop. It’s now down to $40 at Best Buy and the Switch version even includes a Steelbook case. Persona 5 Strikers is half spinoff, half sequel. It continues the story of the Phantom Thieves, but trades in turn based gameplay for Dynasty Warriors-esque action. If you love the characters and world of Persona 5, you’ll likely love this sort of summer vacation special. I’m also running out of Persona 5 jokes, so I hope they stop making spin-offs soon so nobody realizes I recycle the same two references over and over again for these write-ups.

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Persona 5 Strikers (PS4)

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It was arguably the most anticipated game of 2020, but after launching as a buggy mess in December, Cyberpunk 2077‘s price tag has bounced up and down in the weeks since. Right now, you can get the console version for $30 at Best Buy. That’s half-off the list price.

The game has been widely criticized on consoles for poor performance, especially if you have the original base PS4 or Xbox One hardware (instead of the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X). Otherwise, CD Projekt Red recently released patch 1.2 which improved the console version, though there are still bugs. It’s in better shape now, but there is no guarantee of eventual performance quality, so jump in at your own risk.

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Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4)

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Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox)

Here’s a significant price cut for you: Wolfenstein: Alt History Collection is now down to $22 on Xbox and $26 on PS4. That’s more than a $50 price cut over the game’s usual $80 price tag, which is an incredible deal when you consider what’s included. The package comes with Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Old Blood, The New Colossus, and Youngblood. The Wolfenstein series was a highlight of the 2010’s, reestablishing itself as an essential first-person shooter franchise among a crowded field. The series took an especially timely approach with The New Colossus, more directly commenting on the troubling rise of white supremacy in America. As far as power fantasies go, Wolfenstein is a blast, letting players chew through hundreds of Nazis like gum. For anyone who has yet to try out the newer games in the series, the Alt History Collection is an essential shooter bundle.

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I remember playing the first Borderlands when it came out. I went to a friend’s house and we blazed through hours and hours of the campaign together. Those sessions are kind of a blur, but I fondly remember one thing from them: Skagzilla. I have no idea why, but at the time, this was an absolute barn burner of a joke to me. I couldn’t stop saying “skagzilla” as if it was some brilliant play on words. In retrospect, what? Why would that be funny? Thus is the Borderlands experience. The first two games are especially very much built out of the early meme era, putting their humor in a time capsule. Thus, Borderlands Legendary Collection is both a preservation of two classic looter shooters and internet humor itself. If you want to crack that capsule open, the Nintendo Switch version is now down to $20 on Amazon. Unce, unce, unce!

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Here’s a video game elevator pitch for you: a hack and slash action platformer about rice farming. Yes, this is real. Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin was one of 2020’s most fascinating releases, combining 2D action and 3D rice farming. Imagine something like Harvest Moon, but with dungeon crawling between each harvest. If that’s got you interested, the Divine Edition is currently on sale for $48, which includes a lot of goodies, You’ll get an art book, a three disc soundtrack, and an omamori charm all housed in a gorgeous custom box. If you’re more just curious than anything and aren’t looking for extras, you can currently grab the standard edition for $40 on PS4 too. Either way, it’s a fascinating little gem that’s both relaxing and action-packed.

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G/O Media may get a commission

I’ve been on the lookout for a curved gaming monitor, and if you are too, Newegg has a great deal today.

Snag a Westinghouse 34″ curved LED gaming monitor for $310 today, a 31% discount.

In addition to being large enough that you’re not going to miss a damn thing during your play sessions, it adds some personality to your desk with its RGB accents on the back, and its customizable logo light that displays on your desktop.

This monitor also boasts having “Flicker-Free Technology” and “Eye Care Technology”— so maybe you can skip the Bluelight glasses?

Grab it while it’s good! This deal will only last until Monday.

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This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier on 3/7/21 and was updated on 4/3/21 with new information.

So, you loved the Snyder Cut. After years of posting about it online, you now get to post about it online a lot more. Your “Release the Snyder Cut” chant has become a “Restore the Snyderverse” rallying cry. But how much of a Zack Snyder fan are you really? Are you enough of a fan to pre-order new Funko Pops based on the film? Are you obsessed enough to get the deluxe Darkseid pop? Are you so twisted that you’ll pre-order black-suit Superman? What about this pop of Wonder Woman just kinda hanging out? All of these and more are available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth and will officially release this August. So come on, put your money where your mouth is if you want the Snyderverse back.

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G/O Media may get a commission

G/O Media may get a commission

Wonder Woman Funko Pop

This is the Dark Souls of board games. No wait, I guess Dark Souls: The Board Game is the Dark Souls of board games. I guess it’s more accurate to say this is the Bloodborne of board games, because it’s Bloodborne: The Board Game. That’s right, the Dark Souls-like Soulslike game from the creators of Dark Souls is now a board game, just like Dark Souls: The Board Game. Similar to Dark Souls: The Board Game, Bloodborne: The Board Game is a one to four player board game based on Bloodborne. Just like Bloodborne, Bloodborne: The Board Game features the Dark Souls of board game gameplay. There are branching quests and a tabletop combat system that draws inspiration from Bloodborne, which draws inspiration from Dark Souls. Bloodborne: The Board Game also Dark Souls, which Bloodborne. It’s worth nothing that Dark Souls, Dark Souls. Also Bloodborne. Dark Souls Bloodborne board game: Bloodborne. Dark. Dark. Bl. Da. D.

Bloodborne: The Board Game is on sale for $80 at Amazon today.

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Illustration for article titled Monday's Best Deals: M1 MacBook Pro, Learn to Code 2021 Bundle, Persona 5 Strikers, Stainless Steel Stock Pots, Lisa Frank Cosmetics, Callaway Golf Sale, and MoreScreenshot: Nintendo

Lets’a go! Super Mario 3D All-Stars is down to $50 at Walmart today, a familiar price for anyone who grew up playing the games included in the collection. Back in 2002, I remember getting $50 from my mom so I could go to the mall and gleefully pick up a copy of Super Mario Sunshine. Then there was 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy, one of the first games I bought on my own when I went off to college. At the time $50 seemed like a real investment. Seeing that price tag on these classic games is kind of nostalgic, isn’t it? Okay, I’m reaching. It’s a little bizarre that the collection was $60 to begin with, but the price reduction here is a welcome one. Super Mario 3D All-Stars will literally vanish from shelves starting today, so if you’ve been hoping for a discount, this is your last chance.

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Super Mario 3D All Stars

If you didn’t pick it up last year, good news! The Last of Us Part II is down to $30 on Best Buy right now, saving you $30. Be warned: the story is polarizing, but it also swept house during last year’s game awards season. Perhaps you remember the wave of bad discourse that it spawned. People just had a lot to say about this game. Some of that was valid criticism. Other critiques were bad faith arguments from angry nerds. In retrospect, I think we were all just restless from being cooped up inside. If you’re already invested in the story, now’s a good time to grab the next chapter.

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The Last of Us Part II

Spring is taking root, and if you have a lawn, then you’ll soon be forced back into the routine of cutting grass to avoid wild, untamed surroundings. Electric mowers can save you the hassle of obtaining, handling, and using gasoline, although the cordless models usually aren’t cheap.

Luckily, this Greenworks cordless cordless electric mower with a 19″ deck is down to a sizzling $200 at Woot right now, and there’s free shipping for Amazon Prime members too. It’s $180 off the list price, and this deal is valid for today only while supplies last. It comes with two batteries that provide up to 60 total minutes of mowing power, along with the charger and a clippings bag.

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As torn up as I am that this is my last week at The Inventory, I recently accepted a new job that’ll have me working from home indefinitely… unless I move to LA, which I won’t. So if I didn’t have one already, I would be the perfect candidate for a commercial-grade ergonomic chair.

This one in particular from premium (yet affordable) office supplier Branch Furniture costs significantly less than the Herman Miller alternative and offers many of the same perks, including height, tilt, and tension adjustments, as well as an optional lumbar support rest. Its thick cushion can hold weight up to 300 pounds, and a dual-layered mesh back lets your back breathe to prevent it from getting too sweaty, just in time for that scorching summer heat. While by no means essential, you can—if you’re so inclined—tack on an adjustable headrest to match for just $45 more. The seat comes in black, gray, and light blue, though the latter is sold out as of this writing, while the frame can be outfitted in either white or black.

The Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair is $50 off, for a limited time only, bringing its total asking price from $349 down to $299. If you, like me, are going to be spending a lot more time working from home than you were pre-pandemic, your home office chair upgrade is well past due anyway, so you might as well treat yourself while supplies last.

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Ergonomic Chair

The summer BBQ is on the horizon, and it’s still a great way to socially distance outside if you don’t feel comfortable just yet. You may be the happy host ready to grill, roast, and cook for all your lovely guests. Even if you just have a large family, a sturdy set of Stainless Steel Stock Pots is a must. This three-piece set from Sedona is 53% off and ready for all your tasty recipes.

These mirror-finished pots come in three sizes depending on the brood you need to feed. Eight, twelve, and sixteen quarts are the sizes, and each comes with its own self-sealing glass lid for ultimate deliciousness. Being glass means you can peek in and check to make sure everything is going as planned. The base of these pots is designed to heat evenly, leaving no spots cold or undercooked. The pots will work with any kitchen setup: gas, electric, ceramic, and glass cooktops. You can’t pop these in the oven, though. Sorry. It is also recommended that you hand wash them. They do come with a thirty-day manufacturer’s warranty as a nice just in case. This deal will run until April 11.

These will ship for free.

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I don’t know about you, but I drop things under my car seats all the time. It can be a real pain sometimes when you just can’t reach your phone or wallet or whatever it is you’ve dropped because your hand just can’t fit quite right into the tiny cramped space.

Avoid that problem in the future with a 2-pack of these AUTOOMMO car seat gap organizers for 15% off! Just make sure to clip the coupon below the price to get that offer.

As an added bonus, the driver’s side gap filler has 10W wireless charging capability for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Pixel, among other phone models. So, you can not only stop losing your phone, but it can safely charge in your nifty little gap filler as you drive on.

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I’m not much of a scale person. I’ve always kind of gone more by how I feel to track fitness progress more so than a goal weight. But if I was a regular scale user? You’d best believe I’d get something like today’s deal, the Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale for just $29— a 68% discount.

This nifty little scale reads not only body weight, but also your body fat percentage, resting metabolism, skeletal muscle percentage, and more with the use of its companion app.

Grab it while the deal’s still good! Sometimes MorningSave deals go fast, and other times they stick around a bit. If you’ve been seeing our deals for MorningSave, Meh, and SideDeal and like what you see, consider grabbing a $5 monthly membership to get your shipping covered at all of the partner sites.

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You’ve been putting it off and off, but you know in your heart it’s time to start growing your own veggies— or at the very least, maybe an herb garden.

Or maybe you want to plant some flowers now that the weather is warming up? I personally am going to start by planting some perilla seeds I just got recently, since I can’t find perilla leaves for at-home Korean barbecue anywhere!

Whatever you want to plant outdoors, do it more comfortably with 40% off of a foldable garden kneeler seat today! This multifunctional little cutie can be yours for just $36 when you add promo code 68SU8SSI at checkout.

This green TomCare seat can be used to sit or converted to a kneeler instead. It even has two pouches you can pop all your gardening tools and seeds and such in. Unfortunately, the other colors are not on sale.

This deal sold fast the last time we had this one up— a lot of people are working on developing green thumbs, apparently, so don’t sleep on this one!

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This deal was originally published by Elizabeth Lanier on 3/21/21 and was updated with new information on 4/3/21.

Ever since subjecting her to Ford V. Ferrari, no doubt the manliest movie of 2019, I have been begging my wife to let me buy a racecar bed for us to sleep in. And while that will probably never happen for reasons unbeknownst to me, I found this Pikachu twin-/full-sized comforter set on sale this morning while searching for Pikachu comforter sets online. Although we have a queen, I’m hoping we can use it for the guest bed, so that when my family visits, they are greeted by a friendly face before entering a deep slumber, hopefully dreaming of their quest to become a Pokémon master one gym battle at a time.

In the set, you can expect the 72″ x 86″ comforter, along with a couple of pillow shams to top it off. Whether you’re looking to spice it up in the bedroom, or just add a hint of elegance to your decor, don’t sleep on this comforter set. Sleep under it at a 45% markdown.

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The Wyze V2 Pet Camera can help monitor your fur kids whenever you need to be away from your home. Just being able to keep an eye on things can put your mind at ease. This pet cam is one of the top products from Chewy, and it’s just $26.

It’s not just during the day you can watch. There is a night vision feature that comes through even in low light, and you’ll have a panoramic view no matter where you place it. Two-way audio allows you to scold a wily dog caught in the act or even fluffy siblings bickering. This camera connects directly to your phone for convenience. The setup is simple with WiFi, and you can store images and footage on an SD card. There is a bundle that includes the SDcard for $39. Video is triggered by sound and motion and can also be saved to the cloud for free for fourteen days. If you have to be out of your home but don’t want to disconnect from your responsibilities there, this little cam can help and is extremely affordable in doing so.

Free shipping on orders over $49.

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Wyze V2 Pet Camera

If you’re like me, you live on tea even in spring. The kettle is the only way to go for an authentic sipping experience, be it an afternoon brew or morning breakfast. If you’re looking for a new one or are ready to make the jump from zapping water in the microwave, this Secura Cool Touch Electric Water Kettle is for you.

Simplicity is key when it comes to your kettle, and this one is easy to use with one-touch operation. It’ll also stay warm for up to four hours which is really a thing of beauty in these chilly months. But don’t worry; it has an auto shut-off and is wireless for your convenience. This kettle has a 1.8-quart capacity, and it’s not just your tea that’ll benefit coffee, ramen, oatmeal, and whatever your thirsty/hungry heart craves. Cool Touch tech ensures no one gets burned, no matter how hot it gets on the inside. It’s 100% BPA-free and easy to clean. This kettle is durable and comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

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If you’ve been in the market for a new air purifier, you may want to give this one a try. The TaoTronics Air Purifier is only $91 when you clip the coupon and use promo code 24AP008 at checkout, and is equipped with a true HEPA filter. It can sift out dander, mold, and pollutants for anyone with horrible allergies. Nothing much to say, so go ahead and clear the air with a fresh new purchase for your dusty ass apartment. It’s $24 off the list price right now when you use the code.

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The absolutely gorgeous Morphe X Lisa Frank Collection dropped at Ulta last November, and it sold out quickly. If you’re of a certain age, you definitely rocked these designs at school, so if you didn’t grab anything the first time, now is your chance. Lisa Frank was on everything imaginable in the 90s and even had a bit of a revamp and resurgence in the last few years. Morphe and Ulta saw the gap in the rainbow market as we are totally sentimental for those retro neons. I fully expect these all to sell out again, but you can take $3.50 off the whole order with the code 945671.

This eye-catching compilation has anything you could need: bright beauty blenders, bold brushes, and vivid throwback palettes. There are 3 palette covers to pick from based on Lisa’s most popular designs. The actual colors in the palettes are the same, but you will get to choose from the Tiger (Forrest), Unicorns (Prancing Unis), or Aliens (Zoomer & Zorbit). All have returned to the restock. There are two sets of lip crayons that are new to Ulta this go-round. It’s time for some nostalgia, and who wouldn’t want a little comfort of yesteryear in 2021.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

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G/O Media may get a commission

This sun is shining, the temperatures are up, golf courses are open and relatively safe. Don’t show up looking rough; update your gear for this season on the green. Today Amazon has almost one hundred accessories from Callaway, king of all you need. Grab up to 35% off balls, hats, and gloves. Meeting your pals with banged-up balls, faded visors, or holey gloves can make for an embarrassing tee time. Get all the extras for a little less so you can be on par with your classy bros. There are tons of hats and visors included, so if you’re a person who likes to match everything, there’s a color for you.

These will all ship for free for Prime members.

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G/O Media may get a commission

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I know, I know: It’s getting warmer every day now. We’re getting further into spring, and maybe now you’re putting your colder weather clothes away. Well, unless you’re up north like me— I’m not putting my warm stuff away until Minnesota has experienced its yearly April snowstorm. Not this year! I’ve finally learned.

So you must be thinking, “Why on earth would I buy a sweater right now?” Well, these JACHS NY sweaters come in such classic hues and styles, they’re pretty timeless. That means you can have some fresh looks ready to go for next fall and winter if you think ahead— and if you’re interested in snagging some for up to 90% off.

Whether your preferred type of sweater is wool, cotton, ribbed, or even cardigans, JACHS has got you covered. You can check out all the styles on sale for their clearout right here— just be sure to add code ‘CLEANUP’ at checkout to get an additional 15% off these already slashed prices.

Not sure where to start? Sit back, relax, and think of me as your temporary internet girlfriend for the rest of this post, and I’ll tell you what to wear, bb.

First up, you just can’t go wrong with a timeless ribbed crewneck sweater— especially in this perfect shade of grey. Plus, it’s only $25 with the discount code.

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You want a bit of flair? Too bad, we’re going for CLASSIC, ok? You want to make sure these styles are still looking good when it’s cold again, right? Well, if you must have something other than a plain sweater, here’s a nice stripey crewneck for $25.

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Lastly, I’m just a huge fan of the fisherman cardigan look. I feel like this is just the perfect way to add class to any outfit. And this one is a steal at only $30 after adding code CLEANUP.

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Don’t miss out on this sale! Check out all the sweaters on sale at JACHS NY.

We just covered the benefits and tastiness of numerous Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. The benefits of ACV have been discussed for years, and as more information emerges, it becomes less an object of folklore medicine. While there is no definitive clinical evidence, millions swear by it. This pack from Goli Apple Cider gives you two bottles for just $34. This is a great deal for 120 organic gummies that can help boost metabolism and increase your energy levels. And taste much better than ingesting the source directly.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

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Spending a little more time at home isn’t the worst thing. We’re almost there; just hang in. In the meantime, our pals at Ella Paradis want to help you jump into a new season with some perfect goodies to unwind. The Full Bloom Bundle is that and can be all yours for just $60 with the code SPRING.

This is quite the deal, and the centerpiece of this curated self-love surprise is one of Better Love’s best toys. I know I’ve mentioned the Rabbit Lily as a fave, so obviously, I’m excited to see it included. It’s the perfect classic vibe and never lets me down. And since your still keeping it close to home, how about a tropical scented candle for rest and relaxation. Go full measure will a self-care day and hop into a warm, soothing bath because you’re getting two bath bombs. Finish it all off by easing your mind with some calming aromatherapy. There are two essential oils of jasmine and ylang-ylang to put the cherry on top of a stress-free day. You earned a day as beautiful as you are.

This bundle will ship for free.

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Full Bloom Bundle


“Never pre-order games!” Okay wise guys, how about vinyl? Are we cool with that? You can pre-order the Demon’s Souls soundtrack on vinyl for $29 today, which is completely rad. This two record set features 80 minutes of music from the game and a slick case. Get this if you want to sit around your apartment being anxious all day. Throw it on while doing chores to feel like you’re accomplishing a difficult task. Bring a date over and throw it on for ambience to absolutely ruin the mood. Let it run while you sleep and see what kind of messed up dreams you have. The possibilities are endless.

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I can’t believe it. Mario has died. After 35 years, the famous Italian no longer exists. How is this possible? How can the universe be so cruel? We knew this day was coming. Nintendo gave us fair warning that our time with the plumber was limited when it unveiled its Mario 35 celebrations. Nintendo made it clear that games like Mario 3D All-Stars would disappear from the eShop that day. We took that time for granted and now Mario is fucking dead. If you’d like to eulogize him, you can grab The Art of Super Mario Odyssey for $20. This 368 page art book features tons of art from one of Mario’s last outings. He looks so happy in it. Feel like shit. Just want him back.

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In the lead-up to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S launches back in November of last year, I couldn’t go on Twitter without seeing mentions of LG’s CX Series TVs from the people I follow. IGN’s Wesley DeBlanc, PCMag and Tom’s Guide writer Tony Polanco, and even Bugsnax co-creator Philip Tibotoski chimed in at one point or another about their latest pickups. Seemingly the de facto TV for next-gen gaming, the LG CX Series has gone on sale countless times during and in the days since Prime Day/Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This time, however, not only is the 77″ model marked down to $3,297, but it also comes with a $400 Visa gift card and a 2-year warranty that includes burn-in coverage out of the box. So you can rest assured your purchase is protected in the years to come.

The LG CX Series is a 4K OLED TV, complete with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG high dynamic range formats as well as a smooth 120Hz native refresh rate. For gamers, it’s got AMD FreeSync, Nvidia G-Sync, and a sub-1 millisecond response time, perfect for fast-paced action. For everyone else, you can command the TV using Alexa and/or Google Assistant while Apple users can cast content from their phones using AirPlay 2. Its built-in 2.2-channel speaker system features Dolby Atmos, eliminating the need for a discrete soundbar. Of course, you can always tack one on, or set up a true surround sound home theater system by plugging it into the HDMI 2 eARC port.

This type of bargain doesn’t crop up every day, so if you’re already in the market for a new set, Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford called this one, “the best home tech upgrade I’ve ever made.” High praise from a trusted source.

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