We can’t just be a goldfish and forget the spat scene from Ted Lasso’s latest episode.

Episode five of the critically acclaimed Apple TV + comedy features Nate the Great (Nick Mohammed) crouched on his reflection with a loogie to boost his confidence. This moment came after boss Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) admits to making herself big physically before stepping into intimidating situations.

While Rebecca’s bearish hype is empowering, Nate’s attempt is surprisingly self-deprecating and, frankly, a little annoying. And that’s exactly how we’re supposed to feel after Mohammed himself after seeing this scene. “That was pretty gross,” he shared exclusively with E! News. “I’m glad you’re gasping for air because I think it’s supposed to unnerve people a little. I don’t think it’s meant like, ‘Oh, great. Oh, good. He’s got his confidence.'”

As Mohammed pointed out, the action is based on a real thing Jason Sudeikis‘Friend would do is “pretty weird” as Nate is essentially spitting on himself. Not to mention, with the world’s ongoing battle against the coronavirus, the scene turned into quite an ordeal for filming.