Nick Viall Maybe he’s not a bachelor long because he’s ready to show his pride and joy.

On January 27, the reality star took his new girlfriend on Instagram Natalie Joy.

The surgical technologist posted a funny clip on her Instagram story that apparently confirmed her romance. It showed how she crashed Nick’s virtual reality experience while wearing white VR headgear and hand sensors. She leaned over his shoulder and twisted her lips for a kiss.

Strangely, he didn’t give her a hickey, probably because he was too absorbed in his game. The Bachelor star said to her: “You finish me off. I’m going to die.” Both giggled at their antics.

The PDA moment seems to confirm what fans have suspected since paparazzi spotted the couple in Los Angeles. On January 19th, the Viall Files podcaster was spotted walking his neighborhood with Natalie, their first public sighting together.