By the time we all get out and travel again, we may have forgotten how to properly pack all of our items in a suitcase. If you don’t know what to roll and what to fold (or how much underwear to use for a long weekend) then check out our best pack hacks.

First, choose the right container for your clothes. Travel bags and tote bags may be light, but their soft structure makes them difficult to keep at a regular size. You don’t want to clutter a travel bag and find that it is too big to fit in the luggage compartment, so stick with a hard case. Since nothing can stick out, it will always be the size of the FAA regulation.

To maximize storage space, roll up lightweight clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, and underwear. Fill the rolled garments around the perimeter of the suitcase, using them to fill in any gaps. Fill your shoes with socks to hold their shape and place them at the bottom of the suitcase from heel to toe. Once down there, add heavy items like books near the wheels for maximum stability. With the weight in the direction of the wheels, the case can be rolled more easily and wobbles less.

So that you don’t forget any important toiletries, you have packed a set and kept it all year round. Just toss it in your suitcase if necessary, and make sure the toiletry bag is easily accessible in case the TSA wants to check it out.

Finally, remember to carry your heaviest items of clothing so they don’t take up extra space in your pocket. For all of these tips and more, check out the video above.

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