Hilton said she didn’t “betray” him exactly because she was “not that kind of person”, but that she “got angry”.

After her interview, Letterman apologized and sent her a case of wine.

Nicky Hilton said Letterman wasn’t exactly wrong asking her about duty hours, but said it was “cruel” of him to push her so hard. She said, “I don’t think that would happen today.”

Nicky kept calling Sarah SilvermanSpeak at the 2007 MTV VMAs held in Paris the day before her prison term began.

During the show, Silverman prison officials joked the cell bars to look like male genitals to make Paris feel more comfortable, adding, “I’m just worried she’ll break her teeth on these things.”

In addition, Silverman referred to Lindsay Lohan as “rude little pig”.

Nicky said the comedian made “disgusting, loathsome, perverted statements” and thought, “Imagine this happened today? It wouldn’t.”