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Smoking marijuana is much more complicated than it used to be. Yesterday’s crackling old joints are just one footnote on the list of intoxicating methods available to any seasoned clout, not to mention newbies just starting their cannabis journey.

These days, shopping weed at a larger legal pharmacy is like entering an Apple store full of hip staff who are eager to sell on the merits of their devices. Of course, you can turn to a budget tender for advice. However, if you want to do your own research – as a loner – it is best to start with an introduction to the many ways you can get high in 2021.

Here’s our advice on how to find out which method works best for you – whether that means lighting a vape pen, munching on some THC gums, blotting off some wax, using a liquid tincture, or sticking to a tried and tested one Keep method that involves rolling papers or a water pipe.

If you enjoy smoking (and don’t mind the smell), go for pipes, bongs, and joints

Some people really enjoy the physical act of smoking. It can be comforting to pick up a puff of smoke from some savory buds, hold it in your chest for as long as possible, and then blow out a puff of cumulative smoke. If you like to try weed – and believe me, Weed tasting is a research area in itself– Then you probably want to decide on a pipe or a connection. Of course, you have to deal with the harshness of unmated smoke.

For something less harsh, you can opt for a water pipe like a bong or bubbler that filters the smoke through a pool of water so that your lungs and throat aren’t devastated as much as an unfiltered puff – at least in theory; You’re still taking smoke into your lungs, which still makes you cough a lot until you get the hang of it. Just keep in mind that bubblers and bongs differ in size and final power. So, in theory, you could be pulling a ton of smoke out of any of these parts, which could get you way higher than planned if you don’t know how to moderate your intake.

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Speaking of which, if you’re a beginner and want to smoke flowers – the common name for the leafy, dried form of the cannabis plant – investigate the differences between the two main strains, Indica and Sativa.

How Weed Maps explainedThe differences vary in terms of the mental and physical buzz you get, but ultimately, it is the smoker’s cerebral and physical response that really determines how either of the two stresses affects you:

Sativas are often described as cerebral, intoxicating, uplifting, and energizing, while indicators are described as relaxing, calming, full-bodied, and rocky. However, this does not mean that a flower labeled as Sativa is guaranteed to leave you feeling energized and invigorated.

The high you experience smoking is usually pretty quick, says Nicole Lundsford, who owns a vape shop that specializes in CBD products and paraphernalia. In an email to Lifehacker, she explains why:

This is what I would recommend if you are getting up as fast as possible and want an enhanced experience. I would also recommend this to people suffering from acute problems like panic attacks or muscle cramps as it sets in quickly for instant relief.

However, don’t expect to find the perfect weed right away. Lundsford notes that “Each strain has a different effect and it is a matter of trial and error to find the right one for you.”

Vapes are for smooth vibes

As opposed to rolling a joint or navigating a bong, both of which require quite a bit of practice to become proficient, vapes are constructed in such a way that no stoner can argue against it. Though pretty ubiquitous these days, a vape pen does the following: In short, a smoker buys a pre-installed cart (similar to a tobacco vape) or puts concentrated THC oil or ground flower in a cartridge which is then attached to a heat source (usually a vape pen), which when switched on release the cannabinoids contained therein and turn them into a faint smelling, inhalable vapor.

Vape pens and their desktop counterparts Offer a low-key type of high and you may not get quite as stoned as ripping up a massive bong or waffling a hearty edible. Especially when you’re dealing with pre-built carts, a lot depends on what’s in them. Lundsford notes, “A lot of people who start out tend to think that the best product is the one with the highest concentration of THC, but that’s not necessarily true.” In its natural state, the cannabis plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids These work together, and some people prefer the “full spectrum” effect that comes with ingesting them all together over the effects of simply cramming as much THC into their brain as possible.

However, there is a difference between vaping dry flowers and vaping various oils. You can vape dry flowers using a tabletop vaporizer, which usually involves inhaling smoke from a hose or mouthpiece. There are also handheld vape devices that you can burn flowers in. Both allow for a mild, high, and smoother, gentler smoke similar to vaping oil, although the original taste of your buds will likely be easier to decipher and you will benefit from the full spectrum of cannabinoids in your particular strain as you smoke the actual plant.

If you want a longer trip, try groceries

You get up faster if you smoke weed; Edibles can cause you to play the waiting game. According to a study published in 2016 in the International Journal of Drug Policy, It takes an average of 30 to 60 minutes for edible products to be consumed, while “the highest blood levels of THC occur about three hours later … and the effects can last for over six hours”.

That said, knowing your dosage in relation to your weight and general weed tolerance is probably the best protocol for consuming gummies, brownies, or other delicious weed confections.

Fortunately, for anyone scared of an anxiety attack, you can try weaker foods that contain a far less effective dose of THC. The national marijuana pharmacy Med Men recommends Try a 10 mg gummy bear when you start and even divide it in half because you fear it will get too strong.

According to Lunsford, ingesting weeds usually means “a more intense full body high because the marijuana is absorbed through your digestive tract and distributed throughout your system.”

Under the tongue

Some of the same general rules apply to things like Tinctures and lozenges, which go longer into your bloodstream than anything you smoke. Tinctures, like foods, are better suited for a longer high that may be a bit more intense, as you literally drop a liquid containing THC and cannabinoids right on your tongue, but generally feel the effects faster. within approx. 15 minutes. If you need help with sleeping or some other way to relax, this is definitely the way to go.

A small swab might help

Another type of hifalutin weed smoking is the use of highly concentrated wax, known as such because of its thick, malleable texture and golden hue. It can be some kind of embellishment by just adding a bit of wax to a joint or bowl, but it is also possible to smoke it all on your own with fairly specialized tools. Weed Maps explains the different options, starting with swab rigs – basically large glass pipes that look like bubbly but require heated glass nails to stab the wax to burn off into a smokable shape. Then there is Nectar collectorthat resemble swab systems and also require the pricking of a wax ball with a high-temperature nail (see more on this Nectar collector if you are interested in further studies).

You can also steam with wax, just like you would steam with flowers (although steaming with wax might be more ideal, considering it’s better for high temperatures). Be careful with wax, however – the extremely concentrated substance is “at least twice as strong as dried marijuana leaf” Maintain American Addiction CentersWax can “cause almost instantaneous highs, hallucinations, extreme behavior changes, and even overdoses”. (Not that you can really “overdose” on cannabis, but you can definitely overdo it.)

It’s a journey

The biggest lesson is that finding the ideal weed smoker for you is a journey that you should enjoy. “Decide what kind of experience you want,” advises Lunsford, then try to achieve it. Basically there is something for anyone looking to try smoking or consuming a pot, and your preferred method will depend on what is getting you in the right direction.