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There’s no better time of year than Girl Scout cookie season. Now is the time to revisit your favorite fundraisers. I’m talking about the Thin Mints, the Caramel d-Lites, the Tagalongs and the Do-si-dos. Every year, young entrepreneurial Girl Scouts are hired to sell biscuits to raise money for their troops. The cookie action promotes and teaches boy scouts financial literacy modern business skills.

Today’s youth are particularly well positioned to become tech moguls in the biscuit trade, as the pandemic means they will be doing more of their business through online sales – and now even in partnership with grocery delivery service Grub Hub. Here are the different ways you can order cookies online this year.

Use Grub Hub

February 1st, Girl Scout cookies can be purchased using the Grub Hub online food delivery app. Just log in or log into the app and enter your zip code or address to find the scout troop near you. Deliveries are made between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.. directly to your door every day. The Grub Hub service is only available in select cities. So use the App cookie finder page to find out where to get Girl Scout cookies.

The cookie campaign is about raising money for teens to go on trips, earn badges, and gain life skills. For this reason, Grub Hub waives its fees to ensure the local troops receive the full proceeds of your purchase.

If Grub Hub can’t serve a city near you, don’t worry, you can still find a cookie seller near you.

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Illustration for item titled You Can Get Your Girl Scout Cookies delivered by Grub Hub

Use the Girl Scouts’ Cookie Finder app to order from your regular supplier

Download the Girl Scouts’ Cookie Finder App for Android and iOS. Enter your zip code and find the local force or scout you’d like to support. Launched five years ago, the app enables cookies sales to expand and grow into the digital landscape, and helps scouts learn more about the modern world of sales and online business by tracking their orders and shipping online transact.

The Girl Scouts’ website says, “This gives her access to even more tools teaching her about marketing, budgeting, resource allocation and other important business skills. She encourages and guides them on their path to cookie chef success. ”

Take advantage of additional bonuses

If you order cookies online this year, you have the opportunity to do so Donate a box or two to frontline workers. Yes, nurses, rescue workers, and other first responders can enjoy free delicious cookies to celebrate the immense work they are doing during the pandemic. If someone deserves a reward, it is him.