Stanley was the live model and provided the speaking voice for the heroine and Woods sang in the 1950s Disney animation classic Cinderella.

Stanley was also the live model for Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and Anita in 101 Dalmatians, after which she retired from show business. (In a completely independent note, she was briefly married to Johnny Stampanato, a bodyguard and enforcer for LA gangster Mickey Cohen. Stampanato then dated Lana Turner and was stabbed to death by Turner’s teenage daughter in 1958. Cheryl crane. Claiming self-defense, Cheryl said Stampanato attacked her mother when she intervened and it was classified as justified murder.)

Woods was friends with Cinderella songwriters Mack David and Jerry Livingstonwho then asked if she would record some of the songs they had composed for the film. Walt Disney heard the demos and offered her the job. In 2003 she was named a Disney legend.

“I loved playing the character,” Woods told the Houston Chronicle in 2005. “When my father saw the movie, he said he saw me in the facial expressions, hand movements, and mannerisms. Marc Davis, the animated [my character], would watch me record and pick up things. “