Lizzo and Cardi B set the record in their historic new music video.

On Friday, August 13th, Lizzo released the music video for “Rumors,” her first single as lead artist since 2019. The song also includes a verse by Cardi B, who starred with the “Truth Hurts” singer in Hustlers of 2019 occurred, and the two stars are channeling their inner Greek goddesses in the new location.

Lizzo, 33, wastes no time bringing up some of the dramas that have surrounded her in the time since she recently became a household name. At some point the Grammy winner sings: “My ex n — a, he screwed it up / Last year I thought I was going to lose it / Reading on the internet / My smoothie cleaning and my diet / No, I’m not f- -k drake still.”

She later adds, “If you thought my ass was sagging / Just wait until summer when they let me out of the house, bitch.”