Talk about unlikely friendships.

In this exclusive clip from the premiere of Hulu’s series Only Murders in the Building on August 31st, Mabel (Selena Gomez) comes into contact with two unexpected people: their much older neighbor Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Kurz). What exactly does this versatile trio bring together? A shared obsession with true crime.

When Mabel walks into a neighborhood restaurant, she is surprised – and not thrilled – to be discovered. “Hey! Come over ”, Oliver waves to her at the beginning of the clip. “Sit down! Half the building is in here.”

After the duo had introduced themselves to the initially disinterested guest, the duo finally caught the attention of millennials with their podcast research. “Get out of here,” she calls after taking a look at Charles and Oliver’s computer screen. “What the hell is in Beau’s mouth?”

In unison, Charles and Oliver explain “Becky’s panties”.

It doesn’t take long for Mabel to come to dinner with her neighbors and they begin to break down a true criminal case. Charles notes, “It’s not Ray, too obvious.”

“Exactly,” says Mabel supportively.