There’s new beef between the Pratt siblings, though no one can guess why.

Made in Chelsea and The Hills alum on April 23rd Stephanie Pratt took to her Instagram story to post a photo of Heidi Mondaywho is married to her brother Spencer Prattwearing a bikini on the beach. She titled the photo: “Yay Heidi is pregnant! I hope she has a little girl this time. Sweet bump.”

Except that Heidi is not pregnant … and instead of well-meaning congratulations, the post is apparently an excavation on her sister-in-law’s body. Stephanie also came for her brother: she took a second picture of Spencer on the beach: “I wonder what my brother has got.”

Heidi and Spencer’s followers were confused as to why Stephanie, with whom Spencer was previously in tension on The Hills, would share this “pregnancy” news.

“Stephanie just posted your pregnancy, but I don’t see that you posted it,” wrote a follower in the comments section of a new Instagram post that Heidi shared. “Wtf I hope she won’t reveal it for you.”

Spencer replied, “Heidi is not pregnant. Just to be ashamed physically.”