For most of us, owning a home (usually a condo) is a status symbol. For rich people it is owning a good class bungalow (GCB). In just two months, tech CEOs from Razer, Grab, Secretlab, and TikTok made headlines for the same thing: the purchase of a GCB.

With all this news, we asked ourselves: What is the process of looking for an apartment for GCB buyers? What unique requirements are you looking for? So we ask two agents to share with us.

What is a good class bungalow (GCB) and what makes it so special?

Good class bungalows are the most attractive and prestigious country houses in Singapore. What makes them very popular is their location and size criteria.

For example, they are only found in 39 GCB areas such as Nassim Road and Bin Tong Park.

To qualify as a GCB, the property must also be at least 1,400 square meters (approximately 15,070 sq ft) of land, which together equates to 2,800 GCB lots in Singapore.

In addition, the maximum height may be two storeys without the attic and basement in order to preserve the exclusivity and the low-rise character of the quarters.

These criteria make them even rarer and more prestigious in the area of ​​Singapore.

And since they are mostly freely owned, they can also be passed on to the next generation, ideal for preserving wealth.

Who bought the good class bungalows?


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