Adults are of course allowed to hit other consenting adults, and starting this weekYou can also all be vaccinated against COVID-19. And after over a year of mandatory – and necessary – isolation, everyone is astute. Hell, everyone was awesome, but the introduction of the vaccine finally showed a light at the end of the tunnel. And for many people this light is a dirty summer.

While it’s still important to stay safe, kinky summer is coming and, according to our sources, it’s unstoppable. Danielle Noguera, CEO of 5 star smiles, a Miami cosmetic dentistry company, said it was “obvious” that people are preparing for a 2021 season that will make up for it in 2020.

“Well that [the city] opens up again, everyone wants to feel great. They want to look their best, ”she told Lifehacker, noting that she has seen lines outside the cosmetic surgery offices in Coral Gables for weeks and that everyone she knows is already parting hard. “They just want to prepare for summer, you know? It’s exciting because everyone has been on time out in the world for a year and a half. “

Are you planning to join the celebrations and stay safe? Here are some tips to help you.

Remember, the pandemic is not over yet

You may have been following all the rules since March 2020 – wearing a mask, staying indoors, refusing to see family over the holidays, and getting vaccinated – but not everyone has or has. There are many people who have been eligible for the sting for months but refuse to get it. You have to be responsible for them and for the people who do not have the resources to get vaccinated or the luxury of being able to work from home. People are still dying from this virus.

First things first, you must still wear your mask, at least for indoor gatherings when you are unsure if everyone else in attendance is vaccinated. ((The CDC says if everyone is vaccinated and not living with someone at risk, you can be mask-free(but are you really going to ask this question to everyone at a party?) Keep washing your hands. Get yours Laminated vaccine card or kept in a holderand find out if your state has an app that allows you to save proof of your vaccine on your phone. Even if you feel completely over it, you should keep an eye on COVID-19.

Think of all the ways you have battled communicable diseases and infections in your pre-pandemic social life. You would never share a lip balm with someone who had a visible cold sore. You would never sleep with someone who refused to use protection or was able to dodge when you asked about the final test. COVID symptoms are the new cold sores in this analogy, and masks are the new condoms. Test results are the new … test results. Just add the COVID precautions to your existing pre-hookup checklist.

Familiarize yourself with a new pre-pillow conversation

They may open it up a lot in the months to come, but the fact remains that the process won’t be like it was in previous summers. Gone are the days of bringing a stranger home and gaining carnal knowledge without first knowing their name.

The charm of an anonymous connection can be great after you’ve spent months with a roommate or family member you know way too much about – but hold back at least a while longer. There are a few more things you need to know about the person you are trying to smash. Ask them when they last had their COVID test, what precautions they typically take, whether they have a high-risk job, and whether they are vaccinated.

Colleen, a 28-year-old and self-described “local” from Brooklyn, told Lifehacker she would be spending the next few months “as naked” and “totally dirty” as possible to make up for summer 2020. Still, she said she plans on everyone to ask potential partners about their vaccination status without exception.

Drex Clemons, a Stand-up comedianThe “blatant freak” and recently vaccinated 27-year-old Brooklyn resident recently re-downloaded his old list of dating apps and is ready to dive in. However, he has also started conversations with games by bringing up Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine against “see if they open up to get themselves vaccinated”. Clemons realized that he only wanted to be with other vaccinated people, but noted that it wasn’t difficult to talk to at all.

“Getting vaccinated is the new thing: I have a dog,” he said. That said, most of the potential matches have it already written in their Tinder bios.

Prepare yourself with a personalized routine

Clemons and Colleen both said they added a number of steps to their usual self-care routine in order to feel the best they can, and as quickly as possible.

Colleen was always a runner, she said, but she began to incorporate HIIT workouts, yoga, and peloton rides into her existing fitness routine. She’s always had an interest in skin care too, but only indulged in top-notch Drunk Elephant products and added new steps to her regimen, along with teeth whitening strips and a new electric toothbrush. A recent move was influenced in part by their desire for access to the roof. After signing a new lease, she ordered new bikinis and plans to be “fully waxed”.

Clemons’ changes looked similar. He told Lifehacker, “I went back to the gym, ate better, bought new spring clothes, moved to a better place, and updated my furniture.”

He also prepared mentally. Clemons pointed out that he had a lot of personal growth while in quarantine and no longer the only thing he has to offer a potential partner is sex. Based on his experience with the apps, he said he thinks other singles are in a similar state of mind.

“We’ve all spent a year trying to figure out what we wanted,” he said, noting that he came across aggressively kinky summer users with a Tinder bio who instructed digital applicants to “cross out when.” [they] voted for Biden and enjoys eating ass. “He also found many people who specifically state that they are looking for meaningful relationships after so many months of loneliness.

Trust that if you are not one of those who have done a lot of quarantine soul searching and self improvement, you are not alone either. There is still time to think twice if you want.

Noguera added that she had seen many people turn to cosmetic enhancement after a year off from beauty enhancement.

“A lot of people gain weight uncomfortably,” she said. “They don’t take care of themselves. They haven’t done their hair or whatever it is that makes you feel sexy or appealing. So right now it’s like an abundance of everyone who wants to feel good, look good, spend money and be outside. “

Embrace the skin you’re in or do a full overhaul. No one needs to know you’ve just spent 15 months in your worn-out college sweat if you don’t want them to.

Go back to the practice

Have you noticed that you are a little more uncomfortable in conversation when you get to know someone? This Lifehacker writer recently botched a personal Dairy Queen assignment so badly that she was tempted to leave Blizzard without her Brownie Batter. Before the pandemic, talking to people wasn’t really a problem – from hot guys to ice cream parlors.

The moral of this story is that whether you’re waiting for a frozen treat after forgetting how to communicate or trying to talk to a potential lover, you need to stick with it. In the end there is a reward one way or another.

Clemons said that even though he’s logged back into the dating apps, he still plans to meet and talk to people in real life as often as possible.

“I’ll be outdoors in bars, parks, slopes and rooftops,” he said. “I prefer to meet personally.”

We’re not going to lie to you: you could strike here. But you may have tried to hit someone as early as 2019 when you also had a lot of practice. Don’t focus on how unfamiliar you have become talking to people. Focus on how easy it used to be and remember that even if you weren’t always successful then, you can go back to that point.

And here’s some good news: Colleen said she thinks she’ll bring her old standards down a little “in the name of fun”. Even if you’re a little socially incompetent right now, so are everyone else, so your chances of scoring are pretty high. Get out – really out – that is, to outdoor bars whenever possible – and have fun. For sure.