Joe Biden wins the 2020 US election: celebrities react

After this Stacey Abrams Your admirers have worked hard in the past few months to claim three electoral victories. You racked your brain trying to think of the perfect thank you for the political activist.

Her leadership helped register new and mostly black voters in Georgia, which turned the state blue in November and contributed to the election of the president Joe Biden. Then, in the Senate runoff race in January, Democratic candidates, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won, which led to democratic control of the Senate.

On Jan. 5, vlogger Hank Green was among those who showered Abrams with praise. “What does Stacey Abrams want for her birthday? Let’s get it for her,” he tweeted, although she won’t turn 48 until December 9th. Responses included a guest appearance on Star Trek, Buffy memorabilia, a luxury vacation, and the crown she deserves.

It turns out that Abrams really wants something more in line with her goals as an organizer. When she spoke to Marie Claire about the April 2021 cover story on Monday March 8, she told fans what she actually wanted in return.