It looks like things are getting stranger in Hawkins.

After two very long years, the creators of Stranger Things have finally given fans a release date for Season 4 … except we’ll have to wait another year to see them. Yes, Netflix’s hit science fiction drama is slated to return to our screens in 2022.

Along with the official release year, Netflix also released a new teaser and well, Hopper (David Harbor) is alive! Cars burning? Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) is somewhere under water and elf (Millie Bobby Brown) is pulled away by men who look like agents. Of course, we have more questions than answers, but that goes without saying when it comes to the world of Stranger Things.

“See you upside down,” teased Netflix in an Instagram caption. To be honest, we’re already stressed out, but 100 percent ready to dive in. After all, it took a long time.