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If you’ve ever called 911 you know that one of the first things people ask you – often before even saying why you’re calling – is your location. So, when teaching your kids how to dial emergency numbers on your phone, make sure they know their address as well. A sticker can help.

The CDC recently tweeted an address hack: Stick one of your return shipping labels on your phone. I remember address labels from the days of the landline phone, and it’s still handy to see an address label on a phone that you need to use when ordering a pizza in the office, for example. But you can use this tip for cell phones as well.

Just print or write your address on a sticker or use one of these address labels that you will receive in the mail and stick it on the back of your mobile phone. (Don’t you want to show your address to the world? Open your phone case and tape it in. Just make sure the kids know about it.)

If you haven’t already spoken to your child about how and when to call emergency help, we have a full guide on how to do this here.

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It may seem silly to expect that a child old enough to read an address label might not remember their own address, but it does happen, especially when they don’t and don’t have to tell people their address very often present is practicing.

While you’re at it, consider asking grandparents and other caregivers to use mailing labels themselves – either over the phone or by posting their address in a familiar area of ​​the house. This way a child knows if they ever have to call Grandma’s home for an emergency, where they can find the address if they remembers it.