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If you are thinking of getting rid of WhatsApp –to the any reason– One of the sticking points could be the difficulty of moving your conversations from WhatsApp to another service. The people built some Smart Tools To help you with this, Telegram is now launching an official import tool to make the transition incredibly easy.

First, install Telegram on the device that you mainly use WhatsApp with. Get set up or log into a Telegram account, then switch back to WhatsApp. You now need to export your WhatsApp conversations tedious process To do this, you need to open each one and then tap the three-dot icon Moreand tap Export chat.

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When asked where you want to save your chats, make sure you select the Telegram app. When you do, you will be asked to select a group to import the conversation into in Telegram. You can also create a new group if you prefer. Then sit back and wait while Telegram processes your WhatsApp chats.

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The only specialty of Telegram’s import function is that your WhatsApp chats cannot be assigned to the exact date on which they occurred. Instead, your conversations and media files will show up in Telegram as being sent on the date you imported them. However, a timestamp is attached to each element indicating the time and date the message or medium was originally sent in WhatsApp.

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It’s a bit of a clunky solution, but that’s the tradeoff you have to make in exchange for such an easy way to migrate your conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram. In fact, Telegram also notes that you can also use this process to move your chats from Line and KakaoTalk. I haven’t heard of any of these chat services, but using them now gives you an easy way to switch if you want.

As part of the update that adds this export / import feature, Telegram also allows its users to delete secret chats, groups they created, and their call logs for both sides of the conversation. In fact it is the ‘Erasability‘That makes Telegram a bit stronger for privacy over WhatsApp, as the latter only gives you about an hour’s window to delete something you’ve sent to a group or chat (and from the recipient’s devices, too remove).