The company continues Apple’s celebration of black culture and has released new (and beautiful) “Unity” wallpapers. This addition to Apple’s Black Unity Collection follows on from Apple’s introduction Watch faces on the theme of unity, Apple Watches, and Apple Watch bands, available now in every Apple Store.

As a reminder: The Black Unity Collection takes its colors from the pan-African flag and emphasizes: “A symbol that connects people across the African diaspora.” As Apple wrote when it launched its new watch faces:

“Red stands for the blood that binds people in the African diaspora and was shed for their liberation. Black is for the people whose lives are confirmed by the flag. And green is a symbol of the living, natural wealth of Africa, the mother country. “

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The new Unity wallpapers are a bit buried on Apple’s website. To find them, drag the Apple Watch Then click on the “More Information” link that appears here:

not definedScreenshot: David Murphy

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The following screen will appear:

not definedScreenshot: David Murphy

Scroll down and you will find the links to the wallpapers for Mac, iPad and iPhone. Click “Get Wallpaper” to download each file, then transfer it to your device as you wish. (As a Windows user, I find it easiest to just upload the wallpaper to the Photos app on, but you can use any number of other techniques.)

not definedScreenshot: David Murphy

As a reminder, you can switch your macOS wallpaper by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner and going System Preferences> Desktop & Screen Saver.

not definedScreenshot: David Murphy

Under iOS / iPadOS you have to go to the option the settings App and navigate to the aptly named background Section. And yes, Apple’s offering is just a single Unity wallpaper for each device. Those of you looking for a fancier option – like a dynamic wallpaper that changes color depending on the time of day – will have it look elsewhere for a similar thematic background. Or you can use too an online tool to create different color-shifted versions of the Unity wallpaper, and then use an app to combine them into a single dynamic wallpaper. This is a bit of work, but it will look great.