The heading features of an iOS 14 are making headlines Annoy advertisers– is “App Tracking Transparency,” a setting that allows users to turn off all tracking, including the data an app collects when you are not using it (much to the chagrin of advertising platforms like Google and Facebook).

We’ve already explained how iOS 14 works App tracking transparency increases user privacyHowever, the recent iOS 14.5 update makes the feature even better and adds new settings that allow you to change tracking permissions for any app you have installed.

How to use app tracking transparency in iOS 14.5

You must update to iOS 14.5 (or iPadOS 14.5) to use the new app tracking transparency settings. As soon as the update is installed, the function is activated by default. You will find that it takes effect every time you install a new app. A pop-up notification will now ask if you would like the app to track you.

You can also check at any time in the iOS Settings app which apps you are allowed to track and change their permissions:

  1. Go to Settings> Privacy> Tracking.
  2. Apps that request tracking permissions are listed under “Allow apps to request tracking”.
  3. Tap on one of the apps in the list to allow or restrict tracking permissions.

If you’d rather turn off tracking for all iOS apps, you can turn it off “Allow apps to request tracking” under Settings> Privacy> Tracking. This setting also automatically applies to all new apps that you download in the future.

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Be aware that turning off tracking will affect the way an app works and may interfere with the functionality of some apps while others may not work at all. In general, however, the most common effect is showing less relevant ads. An app will warn you if you disable tracking permissions. You can always restore tracking permissions if this proves to be a problem for you (and you don’t mind being tracked). And if an app doesn’t work with tracking disabled and you still don’t want to be tracked, you can delete that app at any time.

IOS 14.5’s app tracking transparency isn’t the only privacy-related feature Apple recently rolled out for its users. The App Store will now tell you what types of Track data on iOS apps before you download themand the latest versions of Safari Prioritize anonymity and make it harder to follow up.