Tom Brady continues to prove that he is among the best to ever play the game, but he doesn’t forget what matters.

The NFL quarterback heads to his 10th Super Bowl after leading his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a hard-fought 31:26 win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Jan. 24. Shortly after the game ended, the league’s three-time MVP was shown on TV when he immediately went to the stands to find his 13-year-old son. Jack.

“Can I say hello to my son?” The 43-year-old athlete asked for safety when the teen ran towards the field.

The two hugged each other tenderly to celebrate the win and Tom said to Jack, “I love you, little one.”

Tom shares Jack with Ex Bridget Moynahanwho went to Twitter after the game to congratulate the star on the great achievement.

“Couldn’t be prouder @tombrady,” wrote the 49-year-old Blue Bloods actress. “Said he would and he did. Congratulations
@ Buccaneers. “