Popular social media music site Turntable.fm is making a surprising comeback almost eight years after it closed in 2013. In fact, there are two new versions: The original Turntable.fm, recently revived by founder Billy Chasen, and focused on mobile Turntable.org, created by several Turntable.fm alums.

Both services allow users to create personalized avatars and host or attend online listening parties. However, they differ in their business models, functions and availability.


Turntable.fm retains the original experience of the website. It’s free to use and you can create playlists from music available on YouTube. (SoundCloud too, once this integration is active.) But there is one crucial catch. Turntable.fm is available nowbut only for those who know the password.

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You can request the password by sending your email address and your favorite song. If the song is “good”, you will receive the password in an email. We have no idea what Turntable.fm thinks is a “good” song. Otherwise, we would make suggestions to improve your chances of getting started.

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In contrast to the free version Turntable.fm, Turntable.org requires a subscription. While you can’t sign up for the service just yet, special reward packages are also available to purchase that give you unique items and discounts on your subscription when Turntable.org goes online. The money goes into development costs.

The other big difference with Turntable.org is that users can upload and play their own MP3 tracks – they’re not limited to music hosted on other websites. This will help independent artists host listening parties of their own music.

Join the beta

A beta of Turntable.org will start in April. Interested users can register for the waiting list on the official website. There is also a dedicated registration form for artists who wish to host digital shows through Turntable.org.