Google recently unveiled a number of new Google Maps features that Android and iOS users will get this year. The first is indoor AR directions for Live view mode of the map, which is now rolling out in select US cities.

According to Google, Live View’s AI technology is now so advanced that “the exact height and placement of objects in a building can be understood”. Basically, the app can detect where walls, stairs, doors and other objects are in an interior, so you can navigate to your destination, even if it’s on a different floor or in a separate room.

Live View provides indoor AR instructions in select transit stations, airports, shopping malls and more. At startup, however, the feature only works for some shopping centers in the following cities:

  • Chicago
  • long Island
  • The angel
  • Newark
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Seattle

Shopping malls, airports and transit centers in Tokyo and Zurich will be added in the coming months. Google plans to support even more locations in the future, but has not provided specific cities or a release schedule.

For the time being, if you’re in one of the few places that support this feature, go to Google Maps and tap “Live broadcast” Icon to start using Indoor AR Instructions or find directions to your destination and select “Start AR.” The app guides you to your destination using arrows and waypoint markers.

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Google has also announced several other Google Maps features to be rolled out in the coming months:

  • New weather and air quality layers for the map screen to be rolled out in Australia, India and the US in the coming months.
  • Fuel-efficient route optimization. Will be launched in the US this year and will later be released worldwide.
  • Warnings when driving through low-emission zones. France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK will receive the feature first in June, followed by more countries later.
  • A revised transport selection in the directions menu that is scheduled for global release this year.
  • A grocery collection tool for selected stores. The first pilot will take place this summer in Portland, Oregon and will include select Fred Meyer stores.

You can read more about the Indoor Live View instructions and all of the other newly announced features in Google’s blog post.