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The next SpaceX Starlink satellite launch will definitely take place one day. The first start scheduled for February 28thwas unexpectedly automatically canceled, although the missile was fully functional. After the scheduled launch on March 1st was also canceled due to bad weather, SpaceX announced plans to try again tomorrow.

The start is now planned for Thursday, March 4th, at a time to be announced. You can follow all the action live from the comfort of your home.

When and where to see

The launch will take place from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. There are three ways to follow the development for free and online. You can see live on or through SpaceX YouTube channel. You can also switch on directly SpaceX website. The new start Time has yet to be announced However, keep an eye on the Space X and website for updates. Expect the broadcast to begin 15 minutes before it starts. So register before the scheduled time to receive the mission countdown.

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This will be SpaceX’s sixth launch in 2021 and one of at least 40 starts Execution is planned for this year, with the number doubling from 2020. The hope is that the booster and missile can make ten full trips before major maintenance is required.

Illustration for article titled How to Watch the SpaceX Rocket Launch

What is the SpaceX launch for?

The mission plans to use a fleet of 60 satellites with the Falcon 9 missile with a B1049 booster added to the 1,000 already orbiting the planet (excluding 200 prototypes sent during test launches). All in all, SpaceX plans to launch a total of 1,440 Satellites in low orbit around the earth to complete the Starlink network, with the aim of providing comprehensive commercial Internet service to locations where the service is currently unstable or otherwise unavailable. (Of course: especially when you have 5G, a new network appears).

“At a time when more people are working from home and more students are participating in virtual learning, Internet connectivity is more important than ever,” said a statement from SpaceX. “With Starlink, we can be deployed quickly in areas where it is most needed.” The Internet service is to be introduced this year.