At 12:40 p.m., three officers from the Louisville Subway Police Department showed a no-knock search warrant at their seat, Unit # 4, on the first floor. They say they “knocked and announced”, knocked on the door and identified themselves as police.

The couple was knocked out of bed by the beating. Walker would remember both calling and asking who was there, but no one answered and the knocking continued. The police said they had not heard from inside and used a battering ram to tear down the front door, expecting to find an unarmed woman at home alone. Taylor and Walker, dressed so quickly that he put on his girlfriend’s pants, were in the hallway at this point. Walker, a licensed gun owner, had packed his 9mm Glock.

Walker, who told police at the time he thought Taylor’s ex had broken in, fired what he thought was a warning shot to deter him. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly was hit in the thigh.

Mattingly and Detectives Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison He then fired 32 rounds, with some of the bullets penetrating two neighboring apartments. As they retired to take care of Mattingly outside, where another handful of officers were stationed as part of the operation, Walker called 911 at 12:47 am and told the operator, “Somebody kicked the door and shot my friend. “

Taylor, who was hit six times, one shot fatal, died right there.