Just when it seemed like Bachelor in Paradise couldn’t get any more dramatic, it goes on.

On the ABC dating show’s final week, five cast members were sent to packing after a series of strained love triangles formed. This followed the people who had already dropped out in the first week: Victoria Paul, Victoria Larson, Serena Chew and Kelsey Weier.

This week, other problems arose with such newcomers as Becca Kufrin, Kendall Long, Tia booth, Thomas Jacobs, Chasen Nick and Chris Conran.

Chris understood immediately Jessenia Cruzwho left Ivan Hall questions his future. Meanwhile, Tia was causing problems for Demi Burnett when she took Kenny Braasch on a dress-free volleyball date.

Plus there was even drama for Abigail Heringer and Noah inheritwho had previously emerged as one of the strongest couples on the beach. But as we all know, nothing in paradise is what it seems. Why would someone throw a perfect cake in the fire? That makes no sense.