It’s a moment he can look back on more than a few times since he and the journalist and podcast host, who turned 33 on March 6, started dating in earnest in early 2018. This time there is actually no ABC camera in sight. “It is interesting to consider whether we would leave as a couple in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise if we met today,” speculated the 32-year-old in May about “Help! I Suck at Dating”, the podcast with whom he shares with alum Dean Unglert“Because I go back and forth to see if we were.”

Gun to head, he said he’d guess, but at this point it doesn’t really matter. Because when he found that his feelings for his best friend were more than platonic – after several years of inner struggle deciding whether the love he was feeling was that kind of love – he knew they were all his for the foreseeable future Roses would receive. “We see this as something for ourselves,” he explained. “Life partner, marriage, children, the whole thing – I mean, I hope so.”

And while their journey wasn’t moving at exactly typical Bachelor warp speeds, they have already ticked off a few milestones. While filming the 2018 season of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico – at the same point where their relationship began three years earlier – Haibon went down on a bent knee with a Neil Lane princess diamond in hand and fulfilled the vow that he E! News days before at iHeartRadio KIIS FM Wango Tango 2018 from AT&T: “It feels good to know that I will never have a first date again.”