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This week, the kids are spreading tic disorder on social media, pretending to be arrested, and using fur porn to fight COVID disinformation. Everything is quite normal.

This Week in Mysterious Sorrows: Gen Z Girls Develop Tics and Nobody Knows Why

Generation Z is developing “Tourette-like tics” at an alarming rate, and no one knows exactly why. These quick-onset tic-like behaviors are so common Researcher call it “a parallel pandemic”.

In contrast to traditional Tourette’s disease, which affects mostly men and generally occurs around the age of six, patients with this new condition are almost exclusively girls and women between the ages of 12 and 25. They also show more complex tics than most people with Tourette’s. including “slapping yourself or family members, clicking, whistling, repeating a variety of random and / or bizarre words or phrases, and blurting profanity”.

Many think that the phenomenon is some kind of mass sociogenic disease (in the past it would have been called “mass hysteria”). The theory is that users of TikTok and YouTube make videos of themselves that tick, then viewers develop the same ticks. Many TicToker tics include the word “beans” blurts out behavior that was first seen among influencers Evie Fields TikTok, an influencer best known online for describing her Tourette’s symptoms and seizure disorders. According to experts, staying indoors for 18 months and the stress of COVID can also contribute to this.

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If you’re looking to dive into the rabbit hole of what might be social media-borne mass sociogenic disease, or kids acting silly for clicks (my teen niece’s opinion), check out a few of these “TicTokHashtags– unless you are afraid (beans) of developing your own tics.

TikTok Trend of the Week: White guys pretend they’re under arrest

While the young women at TikTok are spreading ticks to each other, the young men pretend to be arrested. It started with the “thirst trap” TikToker Gage Bills. (Thirst traps are a whole thing that good looking guys make videos for women to drool on, like a postmodern version of the 1950s TV show The continent.) In the video, Bills re-enacts a scene from Netflix’s Outer Banks. In a tank top, Gage is thrown against a wall while lights are flashing, then he stares into the camera in a good mood and says “I love you”.

Whether this is erotic or terrifying depends on your point of view, but either way, over 21 million people have seen it. This led to Imitations, Parodies, and loads of “OMG, you idiots are so cheesy” comments.

The POV arrest trend not only reveals the tastelessness and forgetfulness of white guys’ class and racial privileges, it also reveals the huge talent gap between working actors and online influencers. Glad they have a hobby, but these TikTok guys couldn’t land an appearance on a Canadian soap opera.

On Reddit This Week: Anti-Vax Sub Banned, Furry Porn Destroys Ivermectin, Ghouls Celebrate COVID

There are so many COVID-related dramas on Reddit. Last week, Users and moderators called for the ban on vaccine disinformation subreddit r / nonewnormal. Reddit replied that it would not ban the board to preserve important “dissent and debate”. This week Reddit pulled a 180, banned NNN and has clarified its COVID Denial Policy. Really stick with your ideals, Reddit.

In other Reddit COVID news: r / vermectin, a forum devoted to the idea that people should fight COVID by ingesting a worming agent normally given to cattle, has been overrun by users posting porn pictures of sexy horses and riders. The influx of furry porn drowned out all the healthy disagreements and debates, earning the submarine the label “not safe to work” and eventually a site-wide quarantine. This is a win for the angry “just get vaccinated, you fool” majority as well as furries everywhere.

In the meantime, COVID subreddit “Herman Cain Prize“Explodes on Reddit. The board is a celebration of “I-told-ya-so” with users gleefully submitting the anti-mask and vaccine Facebook posts from COVID deniers, followed by their death messages for the coronavirus. It’s gloomy, morbid, and sad, but I have to admit it’s funny that 90 percent of dead COVID deniers are overweight, bloated whites and Oakleys.

More COVID news: Joe Rogan tests Poz

In related instant karma, after publicly downplay of the need for the vaccine in the past, gritty podcast host Joe Rogan announced he has COVID.

“To be careful, I separated from my family, slept in a different part of the house, and got fevers and sweats all night. And I knew what was going on, ”Rogan said in a video posted on Instagram. “So I got up in the morning, was tested – and it turned out that I had Covid.”

Rogan did not surprise anyone, revealing that he used horse deworming drugs along with other drugs to treat the disease, a practice that the medical community has strongly said “how-wise” to.

Viral video of the week: Milk crate challenge meets gender award

A video posted on Twitter by @SamSanders this week mixes in two current viral genres – Gender Reveal and Milk Crate Challenge hilariously disastrous results. As you’d expect in the genre, the crate daredevil climbs his personal Everest only to fall, spill the blue powder all over, and reveal it’s going to be a boy. I smelled a buzzer and passed the clip on to my wife, who knows everything.

“As a professional customer and mother, I am sure that the woman’s pregnancy belly is not real,” she said. “The whole thing is obviously a fake. But as a comedian, this video is hilarious. “

This week in personal opinions: DaBaby still exists

I don’t have a place for this in my column, but I wanted to draw your attention to this video from DaBaby’s “Essence” video. If I hadn’t scoured the earth for things kids like, I probably would have missed DaBaby entirely – I’m out of the target market for sure. But I don’t want this to happen to you.