She later deleted the picture and finally explained the real reason in March 2021 when she spoke on the Armchair Expert podcast.

“I’m actually looking and I have a message from Rami. But it wasn’t like, ‘Hey! How are you ?!’ It was straight to, “I would really appreciate it if you got rid of this. I’m a really private person, “Rachel recalled.” I said, ‘Oh, s – t! OK.’ I get really hot and I start to sweat … I’m all nervous like, “Oh god! What did I do?” He was a really good friend, it’s a funny picture … you know? I don’t take myself that seriously. “

The Hart of Dixie alum continued, “I think I should have found something more flattering … but I removed it and even wrote him a really nice message: ‘I’m so sorry. Get the Oscar! You’re doing amazing . ‘And I never hear anything back that is okay. “

Both Rami and Rachel attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California. Since they were in the same class, Rachel said they played together in the school play.