It’s a concern Cutler doesn’t quite share after spending time with Eilish, her brother and creative collaborator Finneas O’Connell, and parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connellall of which are ubiquitous both in the health professional and in her life in general.

“I do not know anything about it Britney Spears to be admired outside of their work. But I know a lot about Billie and I know she has a tremendous support system and infrastructure, “Cutler told E! News a few hours before the film premiered on February 25th.” I mean, her mom is saying it directly – it’s not that implied or suggested or suggested in the film, it’s a theme in the film. The fact that Billie’s parents are with her all the time, that her family is around her all the time, in large part to give her the tools and resources to avoid pitfalls that young people are common when they are successful and successful become famous because she got so fast and so early in her life and career. “

Even so, there are still moments in the film that hint at the sometimes stifling traps of fame. There’s the meet-and-greet mentioned above that seems to be full of older men. The reason for this is because they have connections with the record label or radio stations that play their music. Eilish, angry at her team and mother for allowing them to, later compares the experience to being “thrown to the wolves”.

Immediately afterwards, we watch a wave-like mass of fans make it that their vehicle can barely drive down a street in New York City. Each face in the crowd vies for a moment to approach the car window and snap a picture with their idol. They are everywhere she goes, even at her arrival gate at an Australian airport. They love, sure, but also a little depressing.