3. What many people don’t know is that Hart’s mother, Paula Hartwas actually the person responsible for starting a Sabrina TV series after someone gave her the comic book in a playground.

“She took it to Viacom, made the 1996 film, and kept saying this was going to be a great TV show. [Executives] “Okay, whatever, whatever,” Hart told Glamor in 2020. “She went into the editing room for the film and edited a five-minute trailer for a TV show, put it on the networks, and sold it ABC on site. In the TGIF time slot! “

Paula would act as executive producer for all seven seasons and “hire and fire, the music, the editing – the whole thing,” Hart explained. “I didn’t have to worry about the next one because she was responsible for the next . “

4. In the 1996 television movie Charlene Fernetz and Sherry Miller played Sabrina’s aunts Zelda and Hilda. But when it became a TV series Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea replaced Fernetz and Miller as Zelda and Hilda Spellman.

5. Oh, and the family’s last name in the movie was Sawyer, but reverted to the original Spellman last name from the comics for the ABC series.