Ever popular video game star Lara Croft has appeared on the screen multiple times, each time winning a respected actress for the role. The first version, released in 2001, starred Angelina Jolie, but the 2003 sequel disappointed fans and was bombed at the box office.

The 2018 iteration with Oscar-winning Alicia Vikander offers a more in-depth adaptation of the archaeologist’s adventures when Ms. Croft discovers and travels to the island where her father mysteriously disappeared to uncover its secrets. On the way she tested beyond her limits and survived boat accidents, arrows to the side and the jungle elements.

Whether it’s better than the Jolie version is up for debate, but Vikander speaks well; Even fans who weren’t sure about the movie have been surprised by her excitement – and she’s returning for a sequel Directed by Lovecraft Country Creator Misha Greenwhich means a really great Tomb Raider movie could still happen.

Where to stream: The 2001 version is on Hulu; The 2018 remake is available as digital rentals on YouTube, Google Play Movies, Apple TV, Vudu and Prime Video