BRITS love McDonald’s for their delicious snacks and great value for money – and you can make even less money with these money-saving hacks.

We spoke to some money-saving Maccies gurus to see how they can get their favorite dishes for less.


Here’s how to make cash on your McDonald’s orderImage Credit: Getty – Contributor

From getting your Big Mac and half-price fries to packing your burger with free toppings, you can wipe money off your bill in minutes.

Here are nine of the best hacks to make your stomach and bank account feel full:

1. Sign in to the app

There are some deals and offers that you can only get if you have the My McDonald’s app. So it’s worth signing up to get cash for your meals.

For example, if you order via the app today you will receive a triple cheeseburger for 99 pence instead of the usual 2.19 euros. This saves you 1.20 euros.

And next Tuesday (March 23rd) you will receive a whopping 30% discount on all food and drink orders made via the app.

It’s a one-time deal, but you must take advantage of it within two weeks of the offer expiring.

So when you order a Big Mac, you pay € 2.24 instead of € 3.19 – a saving of 95 pence.

The MyMcDonald’s app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android phones and is quick to set up.

You’ll need to enter card details or use Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay – the built-in digital wallets on phones.

2. Make a DIY Big Mac at half the price

It may be popular, but a Big Mac isn’t the cheapest item on the Maccies menu, which will set fans back to around $ 3.19.

However, if you make some changes to your order, you can make your own at half the price.

Jordan Cox, dubbed the UK’s Coupon Kid, explained to The Sun how to get a DIY Big Mac for just £ 1.49.

Order a double cheeseburger and add the items you get in a Big Mac, including onions, pickles, and shredded lettuce.

McDonald’s doesn’t let you buy Big Mac sauce to get in, says Jordon, but when you add ketchup and mustard you create a sauce that tastes similar.

“You don’t have the bun in the middle, but it tastes like a Big Mac in terms of what’s in it,” says Jordan. “You save about 2 pounds.”

3. Add extra toppings for free


The British Coupon Kid shared his top tips for saving at Maccies with The Sun.Photo credit: Jordon cox

Jordon has another tip for Maccies fans looking to get more for their money.

He says this trick allows you to pack extra toppings into your burger for free.

Order a burger through the My McDonald’s app or order it through the in-store McDonald’s payment screens to add extra toppings at no additional cost.

He told The Sun, “You can add extras by going into the customization menu.

“You can add extra cucumbers, extra lettuce, extra sauces, more onions, all for free.”

4th Leave a review and get yourself a Big Mac and Fries for £ 1.99

Another savvy shopper, Holly Smith, showed how to get a Big Mac and fries for just £ 1.99 by leaving McDonald’s a review on their food.

The Coupon Queen posted on TikTok, asking her followers to save their receipts and go to McDonald’s’ Food for Thoughts website.

You’ll need to complete a short survey asking how happy you were with your visit to your local office.

After completing the survey, you will receive a five-digit code that you must write on your receipt.

This receipt is now your voucher, which you will use to receive money from your meal.

The next time you visit McDonald’s, be sure to bring that receipt and show it at the counter to wrap up a Big Mac and fries for £ 2.19 less.

If you had bought each item individually, you’d have to spend a total of £ 4.18, including £ 3.19 for the burger and 99p for the fries.

With your voucher, however, you get half the price and only pay € 1.99.

Holly added that if you are a vegetarian you can swap the Big Mac for a Veggie Deluxe.

5. Happy meal hacks

Savvy saver Holly Smith shares two happy meal hacks that she always uses to save money


Savvy saver Holly Smith shares two happy meal hacks that she always uses to save money

Holly also has a few other money-saving tricks up her sleeve when ordering Happy Meals for the kids.

She told The Sun that most McDonald’s employees will replace the book or toy you receive with your Happy Meal for a fruit bag.

These fruit bags typically cost 79 pence.

“Usually the employees are more than happy, this also prevents waste,” she says.

She also says she ordered 20 McNuggets, large fries, and a large drink instead of buying three Happy Meals of Chicken McNuggets for her kids to save money.

20 Chicken McNuggets, a large drink, and large fries would pay you back a total of £ 7.67, based on the prices posted on the Burger Lad website.

A happy meal with four McNuggets, child-sized fries, apple slices and a drink is £ 2.59.

So if you have three kids like Holly, ditch the Happy Meals to save 10p – and get eight spare nuggets in the process.

6th Get freebies and discounts on your birthday

If you’re a My McDonald’s app user, you can wrap freebies and discounts on your birthday.

The chain recently sent reminders to app users to fill in their birthday details – otherwise they could miss out on birthday gifts.

McDonald’s told The Sun that the birthday deals are in line with McDonald’s offers, discounts and deals on Mondays.

This saves you money when you take it away

TAKEAWAYS taste great, but they can hit you hard in your wallet. Here are some tips on how to save on your delivery:

Cashback websites– TopCashback and Quidco pay you to order your takeaway food. They are paid by retailers for every click that comes from the cashback website to their website. How to get cashback for orders placed through them.

Discount codes – Check websites like VoucherCodes for discount codes that can be used to get money off your order.

Buy it in stores – Okay, it might not taste exactly the same, but you will save the most money by picking up your favorite dish at your local supermarket.

Student discounts – If you are in full-time education or are a member of the National Students Union, you may receive a discount of up to 15 percent on the bill. It is always worth asking before placing your order.

The chain said they could get free coffee if it was their birthday too.

The McDonald’s Monday deal on March 22nd is Chicken McNuggets for 99p.

7th Save £ 1.21 on McChicken Sandwich

The McChicken sandwich is a firm favorite of millions of Britons – but at £ 3.19, it’s a little more expensive than many of the other options on the Maccies menu.

But Save the Student’s manager Jake Butler explained to The Sun how you can get it for less by simply ordering two mayo chicken burgers.

Although both have the same ingredients – a chicken patty, lettuce, and mayo – the mayo chicken burger is about three-quarters the size of a McChicken sandwich, says Jake.

“To make up for that difference, you can just order two mayo chickens for a total of £ 1.98 – and it’s still less than the £ 3.19 for a McChicken sandwich,” he says.

8th. Change your wording to save money

A former McDonald’s employee showed how you can save money by changing the way you order your food.

TikTok user Jodessy shared a video titled “Secrets I Know From Working at McDonald’s,” in which she revealed her wise advice.

If you want to replace an item in your order with another, make sure you use the word “sub”. This means that you will not be charged any additional costs for the replacement.

Jodessy gave an example of how the hack can save customers $ 2.

In the clip she said, “If you order a big breakfast of hot cakes but don’t like hash browns, most of you will say no hash browns, but I want extra bacon.

“The person will remove the hash browns and add the extra bacon button and you only spent $ 2 for no reason.

“Use the word ‘sub’ instead, say no ‘hash brown sub bacon’, the cashier pushes this button and you won’t be charged extra.”

Jodessy used to work in a branch outside the UK but said the hack was “universal”. So it’s worth trying it out here in the UK to save some money.

9. Get a free hot chocolate

Another savvy TikToker saver has shown how to get a hot chocolate for free at McDonald’s instead of spending £ 1.49.

TikTok user Kyle said all you have to do is go to a cashier and ask for a free cup of hot water and two sachets of chocolate sauce.

Stir the chocolate sauces into the hot water and mix well until the liquids are completely combined to create your own hot chocolate.

The video went viral, garnering over 535,000 social media likes and hundreds of comments from grateful customers.


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