Kaylee Bryantplaying Josie and playing Elena said E! News that she was a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and remembers it was the first show she ever saw.

“I saw the pilot and really couldn’t stop,” she said, and her binging really paid off. “I’ve seen The Vampire Diaries so many times that it’s ingrained in me. I didn’t have to go back and watch it again because I already knew everything I needed to know.”

Her response to being allowed to play the only Elena Gilbert has been extremely reliable.

“Oh, I panicked first. Number one, I panicked. Then number two, I was excited. Number three, I got nervous again. It’s a great honor,” she said. “I mean, Elena Gilbert started this whole journey. The fact that Josie got to play her was a dream come true for me.”

Bryant confirmed that she asked a lot of questions about all of the middle scenes and was trying to convince writer Brandon that it has to be a full show.

“If someone in fandom wants to aggressively tell him to quit the show, I’ll be very supportive.”