Jeff Holm just rose above the drama.

On Monday, August 30th, the former Bachelorette candidate confirmed to E! News that he is no longer pursuing an injunction against another Bachelor Nation star. Robby Hayes.

“The tension has eased, as I had hoped,” the reality TV star tells E! News of his decision to waive the protection order. “I saw no reason to proceed with the restraining order, so I dropped it. As I mentioned earlier, I wish him well.”

In addition, the Los Angeles Supreme Court office announced that a judge denied the application for a restraining order because Jef was absent for Monday’s hearing.

Jef’s decision to move on comes exactly three weeks after he first took legal action against Robby.

According to court documents filed on August 9 and submitted by E! News – A judge in Los Angeles granted Jef’s application for protection and ordered Robby to stay 100 yards from his home and workplace.