In the 00s, Christy Carlson Romano was a star on the Disney Channel, starring in Even Stevens and Kim Possible and the Disney Channel original movie Cadet Kelly. But even though she was a popular teen actress and made a lot of money before she even graduated from high school, everything wasn’t smooth from then on. In a recent YouTube video, 37-year-old Romano explains how she “made and lost millions of dollars” with child star money. The story she tells involves spending too much money, not planning what turn her career would take, and a sketchy situation with a clairvoyant. Read on to see what else she had to say about the child star’s financial dangers in her candid video.

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In the video, Romano explains that she started making money when she was 16, noting that there are safeguards in place preventing parents of child actors from spending all of their money. She continues, “I was never told how much money I make. Money was no use to me. I didn’t really know what it was. I just knew I had it and didn’t care. That’s a problem. You have to teach the kids the value of every single dollar they make. “

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Romano says she didn’t buy a home or invest her money other than what she went to college for a year and a half. Instead, she spent a lot of money on “big things” like cars, Ralph Lauren clothes, and a clairvoyant. “The biggest regret I regret is that a clairvoyant stepped into my life and managed to get a lot of money from me,” she says, adding that she will explain more about this in a future video. Now she urges others to make sure that they are “investing the money in a way that matters”.

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Christy Carlson Romano in her YouTube video about money as of August 2021Christy Carlson Romano / YouTube

“My biggest advantage about child actors is that you don’t say that work is going to slow down,” says Romano in the video. “In fact, I was told the opposite, especially by my mother, part of my team, even my former asset manager.” She says this “tremendous pressure” generated contempt. “I think I destroyed myself to be completely honest.”

Romano also says that feeling that she “wasn’t good enough”, even in one of their relationships, made her “buy money and things as a weapon” in order to feel better. When she realized that she didn’t like the way her money was handled, she separated from her family for a year at the age of 21.

Romano was collecting cash from Even Stevens and Kim Possible for a while, but when she ran out of money she made decisions she now wished she didn’t have to. She’s made films she didn’t want, including one with a nude scene that she regrets.

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Romano says that if you look up their net worth on the internet, the result is $ 3 million. In their opinion, this is not correct. “I’m in no way, shape or shape a millionaire,” she says, explaining that she is now a mom creating sponsored content on social media. She says she is now in student debt because she went back to college when she was 30.

Romano was married to Brendan Rooney since 2014 and they have two children. She only had acting credits in 2019, including a small role in a live-action film by Kim Possible. Her YouTube channel features videos with other former child stars, interactions with fans, and videos about her past as a child actress.

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